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SAP SuccessFactors

This page explains how to connect SAP SuccessFactors to SAP Focused Run. For the setup of the supported monitoring applications, please click on the monitoring application below.

Currently the following monitoring application are supported for SAP SuccessFactors:


  • To enable the exception monitoring (via metric pull) for SAP SuccessFactors you need to enable the SFAPI usage:
    • In order to use the SFAPI, SAP SuccessFactors must enable the API for your company instance. This is usually done during the initial implementation. If this was not done, please contact your SAP SuccessFactors support representative to enable the SFAPI for your instance.

  • *New* With SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP03, we now support the monitoring of SAP SuccessFactors messages. To enable the message monitoring (via metric push) for SAP SuccessFactors you need:

Setup Steps in SAP SuccessFactors

Create SFAPI User

  1. Add a new user to SAP SuccessFactors
  2. Assign the required permissions to the user:

To assign the required permissions to the SFAPI user please first create a new permission group and add your SFAPI user to the group:

  1. Go to Admin Center → Manage Permission Groups
  2. Create a new permission group using the "Create New..." button
  3. Enter a group name (e.g. SFAPI_ALM_USERS)
  4. Under "Choose Group Members" → "People Pool" choose "Username" 
    1. Search for your SFAPI user and add it by clicking the check box in front of it
    2. Click Done
  5. Click Done

Then create a new permission role:

  1. Go to Admin Center → Manage Permission Roles
  2. Create a new permission role using the "Create New..." button
  3. Enter a role name (e.g. SFAPI_ALM)
  4. Under "Permission Settings" click the "Permission..." button
    1. Add the following permissions:
    • General User Permission
      • User Login
      • SFAPI User Login
    • Manage Integration Tools
      • Allow Admin to Access OData API through Basic Authentication
      • Access to Integration Center
      • Access to Data Replication Monitor
    • Admin Center Permissions
      • Read Execution Manager Events
      • Read Execution Manager Event Payload or Event Report
      • Monitor Scheduled Jobs
  5. Under "Grant this role to..." click the "Add..." button
    1. Select "Grant role to: Permission Group"
    2. Click the "Select..." button
    3. Search for your SFAPI permission group and check the box in front of it
    4. Click Done
  6. Save your new permission role

Disable Password Expiration for SFAPI User

To avoid that the password for the user expires, please create a login exception for the SFAPI user.

  1. Go to Admin Center → Password & Login Policy Settings 
  2. Click on "Set API Login Exceptions"
    1. Click the "Add" button
    2. Enter the username of the SFAPI user
    3. Set the parameter 'Maximum password age(days)' = -1
    4. Enter the IP address of your SAP Focused Run system. 
      1. You can look for the IP range of your SAP Cloud ALM tenant here.
      2. You can also enter the range to cover any possible IP address.

For more information refer to SAP note 2161909 - How to enable SFAPI in SuccessFactors

Activate Monitoring PUSH

With SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP03 we now also support the monitoring of messages sent for certain scenarios in SAP SuccessFactors (more). The monitoring information is pushed from SAP SuccessFactors via SAP Cloud ALM, which acts as a reverse proxy in this scenario.

This step is only needed if you plan to monitor one of the integration scenarios for which message monitoring is supported

  1. Go to "Admin Center"
  2. In the "Tools Search", search for Integration Service Registration Center
  3. In the following screen select "SAP Cloud ALM"
  4. Enter the following values:
    1. System Type: Enter the role of the SAP SuccessFactors system as DEV, TEST or PROD
    2. Description: Enter a description, e.g. "SAP SuccessFactors tenant XXX"
    3. Endpoint: Enter the reverse proxy URL copied from SAP Cloud ALM for your FRun PROXY
    4. OAuth URL: SAP Cloud ALM service key parameter "url" + /oauth/token
    5. Client ID: SAP Cloud ALM service key parameter "clientid"
    6. Client Secret: SAP Cloud ALM service key parameter "clientsecret"
  5. Click "Register"
  6. Click "OK"

Note: To deactivate your instance, click "Deregister".

The registration will create an entry for this SAP SuccessFactors instance in the LMDB application of SAP Focused Run, if it doesn't already exist.

Setup Steps in SAP Focused Run

You only have to add the cloud service manually if you didn't activate the monitoring PUSH in SAP SuccessFactors. The monitoring PUSH registration creates the cloud service for you. 

Input Values for SAP SuccessFactors

  • Company ID: Your Company ID
  • API Server Root URL: Enter the Production System API URL for your datacenter. You can find the URL in SAP note 2215682 - Successfactors API URLs for different Data Centers
  • Description: (optional)

  • Section 'Global':
    • Description: A meaningful description
  • Section 'Authentication':
    • Type: BASICAUTH
    • User: <SFAPI user>
    • Password: Password of the user
  • Section 'Proxy':
    • If necessary add proxy information to connect to the cloud service