Job & Automation Monitoring Setup & Configuration


There are no prerequisite steps to be done in SAP Cloud ALM. You need to have the role / authorization for Job Monitoring in SAP Cloud ALM, and you need to configure in your SAP cloud service(s) the push of job execution data as described under "Setup" below. This initial one-time activity needs to be done in every monitored service.


* For SAP ABAP jobs in many cases the rating of the Application Status is grey. This is normal, if the job does not write any application log messages. To ensure that application log messages that are written during batch execution of a program are linked to the job execution you need to do following configuration:

  1. call transaction CRIT
  2. add "Auto-linking Applog-Handles for jobs"
  3. activate the profile

In below example the linking is restricted to jobs executed in client 200. Please note, that with "Option" [=] the value * will be interpreted as *. For patterns make sure to use "Option" [x].


In the Monitoring UI jobs are evaluated with a default Rating Rule that you can adjust, if you have role Job Monitoring Consumer. Please note, that the setting is not persisted, i.e. if you relaunch the application the default will be applied again. Below you see the default settings.


To configure alerting for specific jobs, you need to have role Job Monitoring Administrator assigned. Expand the configuration pane and then access the service, for which you want to configure alerting.

Per service you can define alerts of category Critical Execution Status, Critical Application Status, Critical Runtime and Critical Delay. If you want alerts to be created only for certain jobs you can specify job name, executing user and the name of what is being executed. The filter conditions for the different parameters are connected with AND for the same parameter with OR. Make sure to switch on Create Alert and save. If you want to stop to get alerted, you can switch off the Event Action, or deactivate or delete the event in the list of events.

In order to send notifications for alerts to an email address 

  1. in Recipient Management the address needs to be registered 
  2. in Job & Automation Monitoring Event Configuration the email needs to be maintain in Send Email To



In SAP Cloud ALM Job & Automation Monitoring data reorganization is as follows:

  • the data of individual executions are kept for monitoring depending on job frequency and deleted with a default rule that you cannot change. The rule is, that for every job at least the last 15 executions are kept, all from the last 3 days and all that are referenced in an alert.
  • jobs that are deleted in the managed service (that are not scheduled any more) are removed from the database after 2 weeks together with the related executions and schedules.
  • the data of individual executions are aggregated for analysis and deleted by default  after 365 days. You can change the default to a value between 30 and 750 days.

Note: If you have configured alerts, please ensure to confirm them. To avoid data growth only the last 100 alerted executions are kept.

Be aware that SAP provides you in fair usage concept 8 GB HANA memory per month. If you extend the given memory you might need to subscribe additional memory blocks with our BTP service SAP Cloud ALM memory extension.


If the "Type" of a job or automation is missing, the reason is that run information exists without definition data.

In case of ABAP jobs, if the "Type" is missing for a small part of the jobs only (e.g. 1%), this could be a temporary issue, that disappears after one day as then resending is done. If the issue persists then the reason could be a bug in the data collector.

  • In case of an on premise ABAP system, make sure to have applied note SAP Note 3102288 and switch off the data collection for the job monitoring use case in transaction /n/SDF/ALM_SETUP and then switch it on again.
  • In case of a cloud ABAP system, the fix is automatically applied, so just switch off the data collection for the job monitoring use case communication arrangement SAP_COM_0527 and then switch it on again.

Customer Support

In case you encounter problems using or setting up Job & Automation Monitoring in SAP Cloud ALM, please report an incident using the following component:

  • SV-CLM-OP-JM  - Job and Automation Monitoring Service

Please select your SAP Cloud ALM tenant when reporting the incident.