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Business Service Management

In the Business Service Management application in SAP Cloud ALM for operations, you can manage business services, assigned cloud services and technical systems, and related events.

It provides the following features:

  • Create and modify business services by assigning cloud services and technical systems. Business services can be used to represent a business functionality. This allows to abstract from the technical landscape details, which are typically unknown to the business users.
  • Display and process the cloud service events (disruption, degradation, maintenance, communication), which are communicated by SAP in the Cloud Availability Center, in the aspect of the corresponding business services. This allows you to see which business functionality is - or was - affected by a downtime event of a cloud service. 
  • Define own events on cloud services and technical systems. This is especially useful for your on-premise systems, which are not covered by SAP in the Cloud Availability Center, as they are operated by the customer. Here you can define e.g. planned maintenances or downtimes for your own systems and communicate this to your end users.
  • Provide an overview of the current status of all business services to the business users. This allows the users to see if any business functionality is currently affected by a downtime or if a planned maintenance will affect the business functionality in the near future. 
  • Show the service levels of your business services. You can summarize the service level of each business service on a monthly, quarterly or yearly view. 

Setup & Configuration

For more details on prerequisites, setup, usage, and customer support, refer to the Business Service Management - Setup & Configuration page.