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Media Center

Learn by Doing!

You are searching for offline demos or recordings that you can easily consume or show to your audience? In the Media Center you can find demo material for various SAP Solution Manager (incl. Focused Build and Focused Insights), Focused Run and SAP Cloud ALM functionalities and features.


In each section of Media Center, you can find various materials such as demos, videos, hands-on exercises or documents. The following overview describes the available icons in the Media Center:

Presentation: It is similar to the demo, but you can control the speed of the playback yourself. It is typically used to perform presentations in front of an audience.

Play Video: A video will explain you the topic as an overview or in a demo presented by an Application Lifecycle Management expert.

Try it Yourself: It is similar to the demo view, but you can play through the system activities for yourself and you test what you have learned during the demo.

Demo: The demo is a video-like playback of system activities with additional and useful explanations. It is usually used to learn about the topic itself. 

Hands-On Guide: This guide is a print version of the demo. You can download the hands-on guide and work trough usually when working on a real system.

Documentation: The documentation is a PDF download which explains the demo more in detail (typically PowerPoint presentation, whitepapers or similar).

Media Center and Demo Systems

The Media Center is part of the Media Center and Demo Systems, which also consists of:

  • Internet Demo System (Public Cloud): This public demo system can be directly used without any additional costs or efforts. You can directly use it for demonstrations and tests as well as experience all SAP Solution Manager functionalities.
  • System in private cloud (SAP Cloud Appliance Library): Deploy your private system in the cloud which is based on the same system landscape as this Internet Demo System. You can use it for proof of concept or testing purposes.