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SAP Cloud ALM for SAP SuccessFactors

Increase the value from your SAP SuccessFactors solution

Why SAP Cloud ALM?

SAP Cloud ALM is our application lifecycle management (ALM) offering for cloud-centric customers. It helps you to realize the full value of your SAP SuccessFactors investment.

SAP Cloud ALM for SAP SuccessFactors: 

  • Provides a clear guided methodology to deploy, adopt and extend new capabilities across your organization
  • Includes best practice recommendations for the implementation of your HR processes
  • Supplies monitoring for business processes and integrations to minimize disruptions
  • Orchestrates and automates standard operations and error handling procedures
  • Is included with SAP SuccessFactors subscriptions at no additional cost


See how SAP Cloud ALM supports SAP SuccessFactors

Value of SAP Cloud ALM for SAP SuccessFactors


SAP Cloud ALM leverages 29 solution processes and SAP Activate to enable project teams to implement SAP SuccessFactors efficiently.

For SAP SuccessFactors customers, SAP Cloud ALM:

  • documents project timeline and scope
  • designates roles to project team members and assigns project tasks
  • enables efficient fit-to-standard workshops by visualizing solution processes and documents follow-up activities
  • tracks project progress 


SAP Cloud ALM monitors your SAP SuccessFactors solution end-to-end, enabling operational excellence and improving business process execution quality.

For SAP SuccessFactors customers, SAP Cloud ALM:

  • Is the central entry point for monitoring and operations activities for both IT and LOBs
  • Detects exceptions in the integration center, scheduled jobs, and middleware
  • Monitors data replication messages, such as workforce, cost center and company code



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