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Customer Center of Expertise (Customer COE)

The Trusted Partner for SAP Operations and Support Processes

Customer Centers of Expertise (Customer COEs) act as collaboration hubs across IT and Lines of Business in their companies. Their mission is to provide transparency and efficiency of implementation, innovation, operation, and quality of business processes and systems related to the SAP software solutions and services. They have the knowledge, the capabilities, and the network to centrally drive continuous improvement and continuous innovation.



Roadmap and Certifications

The Customer Center of Expertise program entails two maturity levels with an Advanced IT Operations Self-Assessment interposed.

Starting with a Primary Customer COE Certification, customers establish the foundation for their Customer COEs to then continuously prove their maturity and become certified Advanced Customer COEs that facilitate support and drive innovation in their organizations. Advanced Customer COEs therefore act as both service providers and business innovation enablers.

Knowledge Transfer

This section will provide you relevant information needed for a Customer COE certification as well as assets that help you with your daily business.

Additional learning content is available in the the SAP Enterprise Support Academy.     


SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps

An SAP social media-based empowerment and support program, that simplifies and accelerates learning and utilization of support offerings. They provide guided access to the knowledge, skills and services needed to tackle business challenges and drive goals. Value Maps empower you to build up digital proficiency and prepare your IT landscape for innovation.

SAP User Groups

You can connect with SAP customers, industry and technology experts from SAP and our partners. Supported by the Global User Groups organization, these independent, not-for-profit groups educate members, facilitate customer involvement, and influence SAP strategy. Discover the knowledge offering provided to User Groups.

SAP JAM Customer COE Community

The Customer COE Community Suite provides real added values for certified Customer COE(s) only. On this SAP Jam-based platform, you can network, stay up-to-date with the Customer COE of the year, and ask questions to the entire community. Please contact the Customer COE Program and request to be invited for the Community.