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Health Monitoring for SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration

Available Monitoring Content

The following Monitoring Content for SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration is available for Health Monitoring in SAP Focused Run:

 JMS Queues

JMS Queue Capacity

Shows the current memory used for JMS queues and the current usage in percent.

Number of JMS Queues

Shows the current number of active JMS queues.

Number of JMS queue messages

Shows the number of messages per JMS queue.


Certificate Validity

Provides the number of days until the certificate expires. In the metric details you can also see information about the issuer and exact expiration date of each certificate.

Setup Steps in SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration)

Setup Steps in SAP Focused Run

Depending on whether the service runs on SAP BTP Cloud Foundry or SAP BTP Neo, refer to the relevant section of one of the following:

Activate Health Monitoring

To finally activate the Health Monitoring in SAP Focused Run, follow the Configuration section on the central page: