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Configuration of Cloud Services for Health Monitoring

Pull cloud services are cloud services for which a data collection of type pull is performed in the Health Monitoring app of SAP Focused Run. As of SAP Focused Run 3.0 SP03, the following pull cloud service types are supported:

The following services are push cloud services; that is, they perform data collection of the type push. As of SAP Focused Run 4.0 SP00, the following push cloud services are supported:

These services are monitored using an overview of metrics grouped on cards.

For the services that perform pull data collection, monitoring is by means of integration with the Expert Scheduling Management Cockpit app and an ABAP collection job (frequency: five minutes). For the services that perform push data collection, the data is sent to the Health Monitoring app directly from the managed service.


Open the Health Monitoring app from the launchpad. Choose Configuration (gearwheel icon) and then expand the Cloud Services section.

Initial Overview of Cloud Services

The services listed when you expand the Cloud Services section are those that meet the above prerequisites.

You can filter the services by searching for name or type. You can also refresh the list and display additional details of the configured cloud services by choosing Edit.

With pull cloud services, you can do the following:

  • Turn data collection on/off using the corresponding switch.
    Note: By default, data collection is not switched on. You must do this manually during initial configuration.
  • Once you've switched data collection from off to on, an entry is created in the Expert Scheduling Management Cockpit app with use case HM and a task name corresponding to the service. A data collection job with a frequency of 5 minutes is also scheduled. You can check the data collection status and logs directly in the corresponding entry in the Expert Scheduling Management Cockpit app.
  • The data collection status is displayed to the left of each entry in the list as follows: green = success, red = error, no color = inactive.

With push cloud services, data is stored as soon as it is pushed to the Health Monitoring app in SAP Focused Run. In this case, you can't switch data collection on or off, and there's no integration with the Expert Scheduling Management Cockpit app.

Configuration Overview

To display and edit the details of a configured cloud service, choose the pencil icon in the Cloud Services configuration section.

The following details are displayed for each configured cloud service.

  • Service Name
  • Service Type
  • Network
  • Tenant
  • Data Collection Switch
  • Alerting (Not Configured/Active/Inactive)
  • Last Changed By
  • Last Changed At

Specific Configuration

To navigate to alerts, thresholds, and service-type-specific configuration, choose the name of the cloud service from either the initial or the configuration overview.

Thresholds and Alerts

On the Thresholds tab, you can configure metric thresholds. On the Alerts tab, you can configure alerts corresponding to metrics and existing thresholds. You configure thresholds and alerts as explained in Parameters for Cloud Services.

As of SAP Focused Run 4.0, you can also define additional thresholds. See Additional Thresholds for Cloud Service and Application Check Metrics in the Health Monitoring App.

SAP BTP Neo: Java Applications and Database

As of SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP03, the Health Monitoring app supports monitoring of Java applications in addition to databases. To check the configuration of these applications, choose the Edit button, then select a cloud service from the list, and choose the Data Collection tab.
To import all Java applications, choose the Import Application Names button. You can search Java applications by name. You can turn monitoring of each Java application on/off using the corresponding switch.
Note: By default, monitoring is switched off for all applications and must be switched on manually during initial configuration, if required.

To maintain monitoring of a database, choose Add Database, enter the database name, and save the entry. You can turn database monitoring on/off using the corresponding switch.
Note: In this case, monitoring is also switched off by default and must be switched on manually during initial configuration, if required. 

Customer Support

In case you encounter problems using or setting up Health Monitoring in SAP Focused Run, please report an incident using the following components:

  • SV-FRN-APP-OCM – SAP Focused Run – Health Monitoring

Please select your SAP Focused Run system when reporting the incident.