SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration) on Cloud Foundry

This page explains how to connect SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration) running in the Cloud Foundry environment to SAP Focused Run to enable monitoring.

Currently the following monitoring application are supported for SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration):


  • You need be a member with 'Space Developer' access to the space in the sub-account in SAP BTP Cockpit under which the SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration) tenant runs

Setup Steps in SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration)

OAuth Authentication: Prepare and obtain OAuth Credentials

To enable OAuth authentication between SAP Focused Run and SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration) you need to create an instance with a service key for the Process Integration api service with the necessary authorizations. 

Create Service Instance

You can use the same instance for all supported use cases. Make sure to select the appropriate roles in the step 'Parameters' during the instance creation.

  1. Go to SAP BTP Cockpit → Access the sub account used for SAP Cloud Integration
  2. Go to "Instances and Subscriptions"
  3. Click the "Create" button to create a new instance
  4. Basic Info
    1. Service: Process Integration (it-rt)
    2. Plan: api
    3. Runtime Environment: Choose Cloud Foundry
    4. Space: Select the appropriate space (depending on your company)
    5. Instance Name: Enter an instance name
    6. Click "Next"
  5. Under "Parameters" select the roles:
    1. To use Integration & Exception Monitoring
      1. "MonitoringDataRead"
      2. "MonitoringArtifactsDeploy"
    2. To use Health Monitoring
      1. "HealthCheckMonitoringDataRead"
  6. Click "Create" to create the instance

Create Service Key

After the instance is created you can create the service key.

  1. Select the row of the instance
  2. Go to tab "Service Keys"
  3. Click "Create"
  4. Enter a name for the service key
  5. Click "Create"
Download the service key file. You will need the information in the file later when you create the end-point in SAP Focused Run.

Setup Steps in SAP Focused Run

Input Values for SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration)

  • Tenant: Tenant name of your tenant
  • Tenant Management Node URL: 
    • As root URL use the URL you use the access SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration) in the browser minus the path /itspaces
  • Description (optional)

Input Values for SAP Integration Suite (Cloud Integration)

  • Type: OAUTH: Enter the following values from the SAP Integration Suite service key
    • Client ID: clientid
    • Client Secret: clientsecret
    • Token Service URL: tokenurl