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SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise Database (SAP ASE)

This page explains how to prepare a SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) database for the connectivity to SAP Focused Run.

Currently the following monitoring application are supported for SAP ASE databases:

Preparations in the Managed Database

Install ASE DB 15.7 or higher

You need at least ASE DB 15.7, optionally install the latest ASE DB and latest Patches from -> Databases -> SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

To check details which ASE DB monitoring feature is requiring which SAP Hostagent version please see SAP Note 2577046.

Check Security Guide and especially SAP Note 2236137 - SYB: saphostctrl/sapdbctrl - enable discovery for native ASE database installations.

SAP Focused Run supports monitoring of ASE HADR configurations with Replication Management Agents (RMA) accordingly to the documentation:

Run Outside Discovery on the Host

As prerequisites, you shall install the SAP Host Agent and run Outside Discovery as described in page Preparing Outside Discovery.

Be aware the hostname interpreted as DB Hostname by Outside Discovery is the first entry set in file in $ASE_HOME$/interfaces

Note: This hostname should be the same as SLDSYSTEMHOME set in SAP NetWeaver ABAP or j2ee/dbhost in SAP NetWeaver JAVA (see also SAP Note 1052122).

ASE HADR cluster: The configuration of outside discovery for ASE HADR cluster is described in SAP Note 2577046 "SYB: saphostctrl - Changelog for ListDatabaseMetrics function of SAP Host Agent" in section “Setup”.

Check Needed Data Suppliers

The SAP ASE DB can be used in stand-alone or associated to an ABAP or Java Stack

The SAP ASE DB can be used in stand-alone or associated to an ABAP or Java Stack. Therefore, the corresponding Data Supplier needs to be setup. See the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP Preparation or SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java Preparation pages.

Create DB monitoring user and provide connection credentials

SAP Focused Run utilizes SAP Host Agent Web methods to get DB monitoring data from sapsa as in rsecssfs secure store with key DB_CONNECT/SYB/SADB_USER.

  1. Create the DB monitoring user for the ASE database with the right authorization. 
  2. Create an entry for the monitoring user in the secure store.

    Note: The SAP Host Agent provides a simple method, for 1 and 2, following SAP Note 1797040.

  3. Initialize (once) the ASE DB monitoring

If the ASE DB monitoring was not initialized with the Transaction "DBACockpit" do the following: 

For all ASE DB, the execution of the SAP Host Agent method 

saphostctrl -function SetDatabaseProperty -dbname <SID> -dbtype syb SETUP_LIST_METRICS=saptools is recommended (easier than to configure a remote DBA Cockpit Connection to a remote ABAP System).

Note: All SAP Host Agent methods can be executed and scripted local or remote by a saphostctrl or any other webservice client.

Alternative process: The monitoring user can be created by ASE user management sqls using ISQL. The secure store can be maintained by OS command rsecssfx.