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Intelligent Event Processing

In SAP Cloud ALM for Operations, Intelligent Event Processing is used to invoke the downstream activities for different monitoring applications.

  • Inbound unification: Intelligent and unified processing of events coming from SAP Cloud ALM, other SAP sources or 3rd party senders
  • Outbound unification: Centralized and simplified configuration for event handling and routing rules e.g. usage of same communication rules for alerting & business service management
  • Handling of events independently from Monitoring & Alerting, Event management focuses on Application & Business Process Operation events
  • Provides foundation of intelligent correlation of events coming from different sources e.g. correlation of manually generated with automatically generated alert


  • Out-of-the box inbound integration with different use-cases in SAP Cloud ALM:
    • Integration & Exception Monitoring & Alerting
    • Business Process Monitoring & Alerting
    • Job & Automation Monitoring & Alerting
    • Health Monitoring & Alerting
    • SAP Business Technology Platform Alert Notification Service
  • Out-of-the box outbound integration with different receivers in SAP Cloud ALM:
    • Notification Management e.g. eMail,  …
    • Operation automation engines like SAP Workflow Management, SAP Intelligent RPA, or SAP Automation Pilot
  • Integration with external services:
    • Integration with ServiceNow


For setup details please follow the links provided on page Intelligent Event Processing - Setup & Configuration.