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SAP ERP Human Capital Management
Support Package Schedules

SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) support packages are efficient, high-quality updates enabling you to keep your HCM system in sync with the latest legal requirements and corrections. They offer easy access to these changes: Simply download the support package at your convenience from the SAP Software Download Center or through the Maintenance Planner. Adding a HCM support package does not require a system restart. For local version specific information please refer to the individual pages

Information about S/4HANA HCM you get here.


Please use these dates as a guide to help you to plan your application schedule and to give you a general overview. Be aware that the information contained in the schedule is subject to change. SAP cannot guarantee the availability of the HR support packages on the specified date.


HR LOCHRSAE Support Packages Schedule: Expected availability schedule for the HR-LOCHRSAE Add-On Support Packages and CLC Packages (SAP ERP HCM localization for Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates)

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Support Package Stacks: All information about the SAP Support Package Stacks

HR Support Packages and CLC Local Version Legal Changes in HCM

HR Support Packages (HR SPs)

HR Support Packages are released every month and provide HR customers around the globe with the latest legal requirements and corrections. They include all updates for international functions and local versions. Refer to the above schedules and download them from the SAP Software Download Center in SAP for Me.

Local Version Legal Change (CLC) Packages

CLC Packages represent a different method of delivering HR legal changes; they are offered in addition to HR Support Packages. CLC Packages include local version-specific legal changes - one CLC Package per local version. CLC Packages enable you to decide when to implement legal changes for their local versions, reducing test efforts and risks significantly. This delivery process is available for the following software components: SAP_HR, EA-HR, and HR-CEE. You can find further information here. In addition, a recording is available.

A prerequisite of the CLC process is that the software components are separated by local version and international subcomponents as follows:

Required sub-components For SAP_HR component For EA-HR component For HR-CEE component
Local version subcomponent SAP_HRC<ISO code>
(Example: SAP_HRCIT for Italy)
EA-HRC<ISO code>
(Example: EA-HRCIT for Italy)
(Example: HR-CEECPL for Poland)
Sub-component for international functions reused by local versions SAP_HRRXX EA-HRRXX N/A
Sub-component for general international functions without any local version dependencies SAP_HRGXX EA-HRGXX N/A

Synchronization HR SPs

Two Synchronization HR SPs are provided each year: one in May and one in November. You must implement both. For a consistent implementation of CLC Packages, you must first implement the most recent Synchronization HR SP. For details, see SAP Note 1167891. Note also that SAP Notes are assigned to subcomponents instead of SAP_HR, EA-HR, or HR-CEE.

For a legal change, a CLC Package is created for a local version containing all local version-specific transports

  • of the current HR SP
  • the previous HR SPs

down to the Synchronization HR SP or previous CLC Package for this local version.

Important Notes

Software Component VersionHR SP InfoInstallation / Upgrades
SAP R/3 Enterprise Human Resource & Travel Extension 6082019: 2647434
2023: 3232785
SAP R/3 Enterprise Human Resource & Travel Extension 6072019: 2647100
2023: 3232818
SAP R/3 Enterprise Human Resource & Travel Extension 6062019: 2647328
2023: 3232855
SAP R/3 Enterprise Human Resource & Travel Extension 6052019: 2647436
2023: 3233028
SAP ERP Human Capital Management 604 /
SAP R/3 Enterprise Human Resource & Travel Extension 604
2019: 2647350
2023: 3233048
SAP R/3 Enterprise Human Resource & Travel Extension 6032019: 2647329
2023: 3233009
SAP R/3 Enterprise Human Resource & Travel Extension 6022019: 2647300
2023: 3233014
SAP ERP Human Capital Management 600 /
SAP R/3 Enterprise Human Resource & Travel Extension 600
2019: 2647416
2023: 3233015

  • 2768103 - Technical HR dependency in S/4HANA on premise
  • 1648480 - Maintenance for SAP Business Suite 7 Software including SAP NetWeaver
  • 1167891 - Announcement: New HCM Legal Change Delivery Process
  • 52505 - Support after end of mainstream/extended maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions about HR SPs and SP Notes

  • S4HCMRXX, SAP_HRRXX and EA-HRRXX are subcomponents for international functions - both reused by local versions. Corrections of S4HCMRXX, SAP_HRRXX and EA-HRRXX are part of the Synchronization HR SPs twice a year.
  • S4HCMGXX, SAP_HRGXX and EA-HRGXX are subcomponents for international functions - both without any local version dependencies. Corrections of S4HCMGXX, SAP_HRGXX and EA-HRGXX are delivered with every HR SP.

Synchronization HR SPs and ERP-Stacks are shipped at different times. The Synchronization HR SPs are normally available for all releases in May and November.

The ERP-stacks are normally available in Q2 and Q4 in a year at different times for the different releases. In general, the stack available in Q4 is the precondition for the Synchronization HR SP in May of the following year. This is valid for ECC 6.00 and higher.


Contains the two components SAP_HR and EA-HR. The SAP_HR component is not always open for all enhancement packages. Therefore it is indicated which SAP_HR version is used for the EA-HR one, as one EA-HR SP always needs one SAP_HR support package (as prerequisite).


Corresponds to the support package number related to the software components.

Planned Availability

Planned availability is communicated in the second half of the previous year. This allows you to plan your maintenance activities in advance. 

Local versions for which CLC packages have been planned plus content information

The important local version legal change deliveries are communicated here containing:

  • the affected local version
  • a short description of the legal changes
  • the information if the CLC affects only SAP_HR components or even EA-HR components (*) as well

SP Stacks

The technical dependencies of the HR SP are shown in the row of the Synchronization HR SP package.

This is the level of the stack containing the requested support packages levels (of the others components: like SAP_BASIS, SAP_BS_FND, …).

The SP Stack is especially important if other applications are used in the same system as the HR application. If your system is on this stack level or higher, only the HR support package has to be applied. If not, the HR support package will require other support packages.

In this case, please check carefully if it will impact components other than HR (for example SAP_APPL).

The technical dependencies to the relevant HR support package are set with "old" stacks, allowing you to keep your landscapes "stable" for some months. Note: Due to delivery of legal changes, you regularly have to update your HR landscapes, always keeping in mind that technical dependencies may affect other components.

NO or <space>

means that no CLC is produced. The functionality can be implemented through notes or support package.

Synchronization HR SP

means that no CLC is produced and this HR support package must be applied first so you can later apply the next CLC.

No CLC Package, HR SP only

means that the release is not mature enough to support easy CLC delivery. This status applies only for the first months of the release. After a Synchronization HR SP, a CLC can be produced if required.

Logon to your ERP system and click on the menu entry System, then Status. By clicking the button "Component information", you will find the latest applied patch name in the section "SAP System data". Check the release and SP-level of the software component SAP_HR, EA-HR.

The SAP_HRCxx and EA-HRCxx (where xx is the ISO-code of a local version) are related to the HR-CLC level. The SAP_HRGXX, SAP_HRRXX and EA-HRGXX, EA-HRRXX are related to the HR support package level (SAP_HR and EA-HR).

Use the SAP Software Download Center in SAP for Me to download HR SPs.

Support Packages & Patches ->  By Category -> SAP Application Components -> SAP ERP -> SAP ERP Enhance Package -> EHP8 for SAP ERP 6.0 -> Entry by Component -> Central Applications -> SAP HR 6.08

Support Packages & Patches ->  By Category -> SAP Application Components -> SAP ERP -> SAP ERP 6.0 -> Entry by Component -> SAP ECC Server -> SAP HR 6.0

In general, the May and November HR SPs are Synchronization HR SPs. Dates and information can be found in the HR SP schedules of the respective releases.

Information about the HR SP planning for the following year is coming around May/June of the current year. This should leave enough time for our customers to plan their activities. The dates can be seen in the HR SP schedules of the respective releases.

SAPK-60833INSAPHRCGB is not a real existing SP. The technical name only says, that the correction in the note is shipped with HR SP number 50 for SAP-HR 6.08.

In case of a big legal change in the corresponding local version, a CLC package, would be build and will be available in the SAP Software Download Center. This will be communicated in a separate note of the local version.

In SAP for Me, click Services & Support > KBAs & Notes

Yes, you can continue with implementing only HR SPs. The CLC process is an additional service and not mandatory. For customers running one local version, the implementation of HR SPs is the normal way. The CLC process is for customers who run multiple local versions.

No, Synchronization HR SPs will be delivered at the same time for all releases, while SP Stacks are delivered at different times for the releases.
For ECC 6.0 and higher the SP Stack available in spring is required for the year end legal changes. For example, customers can implement the SP Stack and the May Synchronization HR SP, and then continue with CLC Packages.

Frequently Asked Questions about CLCs and LCs

No, CLC packages cannot be included in the upgrade.

If CLC packages are used, the equivalent or higher HR SP level must be included in the upgrade. If it is not done, it can cause data loss.

SAP recommends in general to include all existing HR SPs for technical component SAP_HR, EA-HR and HR-CEE (if they are in usage) in the upgrade.

From all releases from ECC 6.00 up to EHP 6.08.

Information can be found in the HR SP schedules of the respective releases.

Choose the SAP Software Download Center -> Header Tab Support Packages and Patches ->By Category -> Country Specific Add-Ons -> HR Local Version Legal Change Packages.

Example: SAP_HR 6.08 for FR follow the path:
HR Local Version Legal Change Packages -> SAP_HR -> SAP_HRCFR -> SAP_HR 6.08

Travel Management ist part of the international general components (SAP_HRGXX, EA-HRGXX). It is not decoupled for the local versions. There will be no CLC packages per local version for Travel Management.

Upcoming legal changes for SAP OnPremise and S4H Cloud products are contained via the Announcement of Legal Change application. The KPI number in the tile of the application indicates the number of open legal changes.

With this application, you can

  • search for legal changes, for example, by countries or application components
  • specify whether the legal change is relevant to your business
  • specify the implementation status in your systems
  • plan corresponding activities based on information available in the application like planned release date, complexity, manual activity

It is not necessary to decide for one process. It is possible to switch between the processes.

CLC packages can be imported on an HR SP level that is higher or equal the latest Synchronization HR SP. The level of the CLC package has to be higher than the level of the last imported HR SP (and the last available Synchronization HR SP).

These preconditions are automatically checked by the Support Package Manager.