SAP Support Package Stacks

A set of support packages and patches for a product version that are best implemented together

We recommend the application of support package stacks at least once a year so that all corrections can be implemented. To optimize quality, please note the minimum requirements and apply the support packages and patches specified in the stack together.

About Support Package Stacks

Support package stacks allow you to keep productive applications up to date on a regular basis with a minimal cost of ownership.

The introduction of minimum support package stack levels gives you more flexibility in planning your maintenance activities by reducing the range of possible combinations. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced quality of single support packages, since other components involved meet specific minimum requirements, so corrections are less complex and of a higher quality
  • SAP's test activities focus more on the required combinations of support package stacks, improving the quality and compatibility of these combinations
  • Download pages tailored to stacks simplify downloading  the required support packages and patches
  • Application instructions created for support package stacks reduce the time and effort needed to apply corresponding support packages and patches
  • Potential problems can be preempted or solved faster, and operating costs can ultimately be reduced

Note that you may need more than the minimum recommendations when realizing upgrade or implementation projects.

SAP Product Versions

  • SAP product versions are supported by using support package stacks.
  • Each support package stack is led by a certain component version.
  • The corresponding support package has a key position within the stack.
  • Detailed information regarding different product versions can be found here.