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SAP Fieldglass Onboarding Resource Center

We invite you to join a live 30- to 40-minute onboarding presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q&A or watch one of the replays.

Welcome and Readiness

Keys to Success

  • Join an onboarding webinar
  • Understand the provisioning processes
  • Learn about team enablement
  • Select and manage your partner

Guidance and Enablement

Keys to Success

  • Explore enablement training

  • Access the SAP Fieldglass support platform

  • Review our tutorials


Overall SAP Fieldglass Learning offerings

Get a basic understanding with these courses for beginners.


Open SAP track

Get the complete overview and demo here!

FG1: This is SAP Fieldglass

FG2: Getting Started with SAP Fieldglass

FG3: introducing SAP Fieldglass Assignment Management

FG4: Manage Your External Workforce Program with SAP Fieldglass


SAP Fieldglass Learning journey

This learning journey is targeted at administrators who want to dive deeper into the basic configuration and administration of SAP Fieldglass, as well as the administrative and transactional aspects of Services Procurement.


Administrators, Program Office Managers, and Manage Service Providers

Workers, Suppliers, and Buyers

Microleading Videos

With openSAP Microlearning, participants can watch self-contained videos to complement their knowledge. Whether you are an expert or just getting started, you can choose the videos that most appeal to your individual learning goals. All videos are prepared and brought to you by product experts from SAP.

Project Progress

Keys to Success

  • Risk mitigation
  • Register for SAP Fieldglass training
  • Create an SAP Fieldglass service request
  • Manage your SAP Fieldglass service request

Go-Live Preparation

Keys to Success

  • Have you gone through a go-live checklist with your deployment team?
  • Has the targeted go-live date changed?
  • Is there a date set up for the go-live call?
  • Have you moved your project documents to your own repository?

Solution Maintenance Resources

Now that SAP Fieldglass is live, it's time to transition to ongoing governance and adoption.