SAP Business One Support

Together with our partner network, SAP delivers a superior standard support service to ensure continuity of your business operations.

SAP Business One customers with a valid maintenance contract will benefit from:

  • 24 x 7 support for critical issues
  • Single access point for support tasks via the support launchpad for SAP Business One
  • Automation and proactive support tools such as remote support platform for SAP Business One
  • Software upgrades and updates
  • Knowledge transfer

Support Launchpad for SAP Business One

Report an incident, search for Notes, request license keys, maintain your users and systems, and much more.

The support launchpad for SAP Business One provides a seamless support experience for SAP Business One Customers, with consolidated access to support resources in a single, intuitive interface.

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Remote Support Platform for SAP Business One

Protect your SAP Business One installation with remote support platform for SAP Business One (RSP).
RSP proactively monitors the health status and integrity of customer databases, and allows an automatic healing of a database.

RSP can send results to SAP and your partner, to allow proactive support and a more effective support process.

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Maintenance & Release Family

Enhancements to the SAP Business One application may be delivered in major or minor releases.
SAP provides at least five (5) years of mainstream maintenance for an SAP Business One release family and related add-on software products.

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Upgrades and Patches

All SAP Business One customers with a valid maintenance agreement are entitled to receive new versions and patches for free.

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Getting Support from your SAP Business One Partner and SAP

SAP Business One is the entry-level and most affordable ERP application within SAP’s portfolio of solutions and has proven successful for small businesses and subsidiaries of large organizations.

Support for SAP Business One Customers
SAP Business One is sold, implemented, and supported by our partner network. The close interaction and collaboration between SAP and our channel partners allows best-in-class support.

Use the support Launchpad for SAP Business One to request support from your partner or to request a license key.