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Remote Support Platform for SAP Business One (RSP)

Remote Support Platform for SAP Business One is the primary support platform for receiving SAP Business One support services.

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Customers Benefits

  • Proactively avoid business standstills
  • Faster upgrade due to the pre-upgrade service that checks if your system is ready to upgrade
  • Decreased time for support resulting in faster return on investment (ROI)
  • Proactive detection of potential issues with impact on business
  • Automatic back-up functionality embedded


To gain information on how customer information is secured within SAP, please refer to the following document and SAP Notes:

Data Privacy

Note that only remote support platform for SAP Business One data from productive systems is processed. No customer data is transferred, but only system data such as number of invoices, installed version, or number of professional users.

Prerequisites for Running Remote Support Platform

To ensure a successful outcome, it is required that end-customers agree to share the following data with SAP:

  • Details on the installed hardware and software, including any best practices and scenario supported by SAP
  • Details on used third party add-ons and associated business scenarios
  • Volume of user transactions on specific scenarios
  • Additional information required for fast analysis and issue resolution

End-to-End Support

Remote Support Platform for SAP Business One (RSP) is an automated tool that will increase operational efficiency, mitigate risk, and reduce maintenance time.

RSP can proactively monitor the health status and integrity of customer databases and send the results to SAP and Partner support which are then able to notify customer administrator about known issues. RSP also allows an automatic correction of databases via the execution of corrective tasks.

See the Overview and Value Proposition (also available in German)


SAP recommends that partners install and activate remote support platform for SAP Business One for each productive customer system and to run the diagnostic check (known as System Status Report) on a monthly basis. The resulting system status report is automatically sent to customized e-mail addresses.

Availability & System Requirements

Remote Support Platform (RSP) 3.2 for SAP Business One is in unrestricted shipment.

Following SAP Business One releases are supported by RSP 3.2:

SAP Business One 10.0 (both on MS SQL and SAP HANA)

SAP Business One 9 release family (on both MS SQL and SAP HANA)

SAP Business One 8.8 Release Family

RSP for SAP Business One can be installed on systems running any SQL Server version that is supported by an SAP Business One release in maintenance.

SAP recommends that you only use operating systems that are in mainstream maintenance by Microsoft; see SAP Note 2387822 for details.

Check the Highlights of Remote Support Platform 3.2.

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