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SAP Enterprise Support Reporting

SAP Enterprise Support reporting is an interactive dashboard analyzing and documenting the status of your SAP solution, support services and achievements based on solution monitoring capabilities, product and landscape overview, usage KPIs, consumption of SAP Enterprise Support offerings, support case status and other support relevant metrics.

(Requires Display SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit authorization)

Available Content

  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • SAP Business Technology Platform
  • SAP Customer Experience Solutions

  • SAP Human Experience Management
  • SAP Integrated Business Planning
  • SAP Public Cloud

  • SAP Ariba
  • SAP Fieldglass
  • SAP on-premise solutions

What's New?

Check out our SAP Community blog series to stay posted about SAP Enterprise Support reporting.

SAP for Me will be your single point of entry for support applications starting early Q3 2022. Enterprise Support Reporting can now be accessed in SAP for Me. 

Learn about the transition to SAP for Me at My Support @ SAP Support Portal . Going forward the application will be improved only in SAP for Me. For Feedback, please use the ‘Feedback slider' in SAP for Me. 

SAP for ME will also start investigating in a cross capability “Reporting” dashboard to address additional needs and a growing demand for future reporting related functions and features. 



SAP Enterprise Support is a baseline offering and is included in the subscription fees for SAP Cloud services.

  • Explore the status of your solutions covered by SAP Enterprise Support during the subscription period, and gain visibility into your use of SAP software and support engagement with SAP using the new dynamic and configurable SAP Enterprise Support reporting.
  • Interact, customize, and design your tailored SAP Enterprise Support report by adding or removing data sections, statistics and tables, drill down into detailed views across products, systems, services, incidents and status. Save your settings for future re-use as your individual variant or print it as a report.
  • Use SAP Enterprise Support reporting to collaborate with your SAP Enterprise Support front office.

Your benefits: Interactivity, customization, personalization – all in one place.

Beyond Reporting Statistics

Our objective is to help you receive the appropriate service and support, as contractually agreed, for your SAP solutions, and ensure that the correct actions are taken to address any open issues that might have a negative impact on your use of SAP solutions.

The content of SAP Enterprise Support reporting is constantly being improved and extended. New data sections as well as further cloud solutions and on-premise products will be implemented and integrated in upcoming releases.

Use SAP Enterprise Support reporting for your collaboration with your SAP Enterprise Support advisory center and start your journey to the Intelligent Enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

To access SAP Enterprise Support reporting in the SAP for Me, you need to have an SAP Support user ID (“S-user ID”) that has the authorization Display SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit assigned to it. Your company’s super administrators can request an ID for you and grant the required authorization. If you do not know who your super administrator is, contact SAP Support.

For more information on access (including requesting authorizations) please see KBA 2834499.

Orders and license data are protected by the additional authorization Access License Utilization for Cloud, which your super administrator can assign to your S-user ID. This authorization is granted on customer level.

SAP Enterprise Support reporting offers a personalized view of the status of your SAP Enterprise Support situation; with the purpose of providing you with up-to-date status on purchased products, system landscape, cloud licenses, cloud usage, incidents and services. Using the personalization features, you can choose which data shall be displayed. By selecting different filters in the top menu you decide which products, installations or systems the data shall be displayed for.

SAP Enterprise Support reporting covers the following cloud products:

  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP Integrated Business Planning
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • SAP SuccessFactors

Our team is committed to reporting all high-impact cases that affect multiple customers. SAP Enterprise Support reporting provides various case statistics to give you quick and easy access to relevant information about cases. Case-related data is updated every hour.

Therefore, it can happen that the case that you have just created has not yet been synchronized.

Another reason for not seeing a case is missing authorization for  SAP Enterprise Support reporting. This authorization is granted on the installation level and valid for all systems belonging to this installation. If the system you reported a case for belongs to an installation you are not entitled to, you cannot see this case.

In the upper-right corner you can find an icon to provide overall feedback about SAP Enterprise Support reporting. You can also provide feedback for individual sections and subsections:

  1. Click the icon to enter the feedback screen.
  2. Depending on your satisfaction with  SAP Enterprise Support reporting, or with the (sub)section, select the number of stars (1 = not satisfied at all, 5 = very satisfied).
  3. You can enter text to share an idea, request a particular improvement, or to tell us what we should do better. You can also refer to an interface by attaching a screenshot to your feedback.

All feedback provided on the section/subsection level will be collected and the average score displayed in the Summary indicator of the respective section. This lets you see the number of users who also responded plus the overall feedback score.

For any issues with regards to SAP Enterprise Support reporting, report a case under component SV-SCS-ESR.