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SAP Financial Consolidation

This page explains how to prepare a SAP Financial Consolidation managed system for the execution of the Simple System Integration

Currently the following monitoring application are supported for SAP Financial Consolidation systems:

Preparations in the Managed System

Run Outside Discovery on the HostAs prerequisites, you shall install the SAP Host Agent and run Outside Discovery as described in Preparing Outside Discovery page.
Install SAP Financial Consolidation

Install SAP Financial Consolidation from

Note: Currently we do only monitor the application server for Financial Consolidation 10 and higher. The Web Server and its components will be supported later with MS IIS integration.

Create data supplier payload
  • Unzip the archive at to your working directory.
  • Read the comments in the file.
  • Adapt this file to your specific third-party system data.
  • Call the sldreg: sldreg -file <Template file> –symbolfile <Parameters file> -connectfile <connect file>

Example: C:\Program Files\SAP\hostctrl\exe>sldreg -file SLD_BOFC_CTSERVER.template -symbolfile -connectfile slddest.cfg

Note: can be automated by OS script

Check if an SLDR is needed

Manual Operations

As prerequisites, you need to choose, according to your landscape, if an SLDR is required see page Preparing System Landscape Data Router.

Send the payload to LMDB

Execute: sldreg -connectfile slddest.cfg -file <BOFC XML Payload file>

Note: When the data is registered on the SLD server, the HTTP response code is as follows:
HTTP response: Success. HTTP status code: 200

Note: can be automated by OS script

Check LMDB

Optional operation

From the LMDB (Technical System view), check the latest Data changes from the data supplier.

The "Software" / "Product Instance" Section the Product Version reported by the SLD data supplier: for instance: SBOP FINANCIAL CONS. 10


Check that the technical system is an Unspecific Cluster System, with LMDB Technology Type "BOFC_Cluster".


Check SSI “Edit Configuration”

Enter values for the following parameters:

  • NCS Port (NCS monitoring Metrics): 6391
  • Admin Console URL (like HTTP://MO-DB332B17F.MO.SAP.CORP/SFCWEBADMIN)
  • Web Server URL (like HTTP://MO-DB332B17F.MO.SAP.CORP/SFCWE)