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SAP Data Services

This page explains how to prepare a SAP Data Services managed system for the execution of the Simple System Integration

Currently the following monitoring application are supported for SAP Data Services systems:

SAP Solution Manager Automatic Configure Tool (AC Tool)

The automatic configure (AC) Tool coming with SAP Solution Manager, is used to prepare different products for SSI. This tool can save considerable time by performing a few steps in the managed system host automatically. These include, for example, automation and, as the case may be, repeated invocations such as LAMA integration, any SAP product SAP Focused Run Installation and configuration integration, such as SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform and SAP Data Services.

For more information, see SAP Note 2137275 - AC Tool release note.

AC Tool supports the following:

  • Products: Data Services 4.X, BOE 4.X, BOE embedded Tomcat (Web Tier), Tomcat7, Tomcat8.
  • OS: WIN (NT AMD64), Linux (X86_64), AIX (rs6000_64), SUN Solaris (SPARC 64).

AC Tool embeds:

  • Latest bytecode injection agent 9.x and 10.x, which is installed for Tomcat.
  • TomcatSLDDataSupplierWEB 710.x, which is deployed in Tomcat for SLD registration.


The C++ process with NCS library sends data to the Diagnostics Agent (via NCS port) and then stores metrics locally, which are forwarded to the solution based on MAI configuration.

In the AC Tool property file, placeholders for NCS (C++) have to be maintained, which define to which ports the processes send their data. In the case of dual operations, you can also add multiple ports in the configuration ncs.conf, (SAP Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager in parallel).

Preparations in the Managed System

Run Outside Discovery on the HostAs prerequisites, you shall install the SAP Host Agent and run Outside Discovery as described in Preparing Outside Discovery page.
Install SAP Data Services (Aka SAPBOE DS)Check SAP Note 1817324 for Data Services 4.1 and higher.
Install latest BCI Adapter delivered with the BI platform installationNone
Install Data Supplier delivered with the BI platform installationNone
Check if an SLDR is neededAs prerequisites, you need to choose, according to your landscape, if an SLDR is required see Preparing System Landscape Data Router page.
Configure Data Supplier

None, done using  SAP Solution Manager AC Tool

Can be performed manually /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sldreg -configure /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/connect.key

Send the Data Supplier Payload

None, done using  SAP Solution Manager AC Tool

Can be performed manually hostctrl/exe/sldreg -connectfile hostctrl/exe/connect.key -file /<SID>/Data Services/sldreg _data_services.xml This triggers the data transfer immediately

Assign Database InformationFrom LMDB, select the Unspecific Cluster Technical System. Select "System Database" in the Navigation Tree. Edit and Assign System Database of the Cluster and Save.
Check on LMDB

Optional Operation

From the LMDB (Technical System view), check the last data changes from the data supplier.

Check the Installation Path: E:\<BO_INST_HOME>\Data Service

Check the Software / Product Instance and Software Component Version sections, to see what has been reported by the Data Supplier.

Check that the technical system is an Unspecific Cluster System, with LMDB Technology Type "DataServicesCluster".

Check SSI “Edit Configuration”

Fill in the missing parameters. For Instance, NCS Port (NCS monitoring Metrics): 6391

Enter values for the following parameters:

  • NCS Port
  • Installation Directory