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SAP Business Connector

This page explains how to prepare a SAP Business Connector managed system for the execution of the Simple System Integration

Currently the following monitoring application are supported for SAP Business Connector systems:

Preparations in the Managed System

Run Outside Discovery on the HostAs prerequisites, you shall install the SAP Host Agent and run Outside Discovery as described in Preparing Outside Discovery page.
Install SAP Business Connector 4.8 and higherSee SAP Note 2599159 to check whether SAP Focused Run and SAP Business Connector (SBC) prerequisites are met.
Create the technical system in LMDB

From the SAP Launchpad, select the LMDB Object Maintenance Tab, choose Single Customer Network from the menu, then Select yourCustomer Network on the right top corner.

  • Select Type Unspecific Standalone Application System.
  • Define the System name.
  • Type: Others
  • Add the hostname and save.
Maintain Installation Path
  • In the navigation tree, select the created Technical System
  • Add Installation Path = /opt/sapBC48
Maintain the TCP/IP Port
  • In the navigation tree, select the created Technical System
  • Select the TCP/IP Ports TAB
  • Add TCP/IP Port Name = SAPBCAdminPort and Port Number, for instance: 5555
  • Select the protocol, example HTTPS
Define product instances
  • Go to tab "Product Instance (details)". Click on Add.
  • Search for Product Version "SAP BUSINESS CONNECTOR 4.8".
  • Then, select the relevant Product Instances (Content Server Frontend and Content Server Backend). Save.