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Landscape Management

Landscape Management in SAP Cloud ALM helps you manage information on your managed cloud services, on-premise systems, and business services. The landscape information stored in Landscape Management is the basis for all other applications in SAP Cloud ALM.


  • Automatic Import of Customer Cloud Services
    Cloud services subscribed by the customer are automatically imported and updated from SAP's Cloud Landscape Directory. The initial import contains all cloud services which belong to the same customer number as SAP Cloud ALM. Customers can maintain a Corporate Group (CCC) S-User to also import cloud services that belong to subsidiaries of the same Corporate Group.
  • Connectivity Maintenance
    Landscape Management is the main application to set up the necessary connectivity for any use case that uses a pull mechanism to collect monitoring data, trigger activity in managing components, or send data to other receivers, like SAP Focused Run or incident management integration.
  • Access to SAP Cloud ALM Service Key
    Customers can store and access their SAP Cloud ALM service key is Landscape Management. The service key is needed to connect, e.g. push monitoring use cases, to the SAP Cloud ALM APIs. Via Landscape Management this service key can be retrieved without accessing BTP Cockpit.
  • Status Overview for SAP Cloud ALM Use Cases
    Landscape Management shows which use cases are supported for each known service and system. In the scope selector, you can select service types based on their supported use cases. Furthermore, for each service or system, LMS shows if the use case is already configured, if the data collection is active or inactive, and if the data collection is in an error state. 
  • Event Integration with Business Service Management
    Business Service Management status events are displayed attached to every service and system type on the overview screen in Landscape Management. This way customers always know for which of their services maintenance is planned or downtimes have been posted. 


Supported Services and Systems

With Landscape Management in SAP Cloud ALM, we strive to give customers a holistic overview of their cloud services and system landscape. We continuously add new service types to Landscape Management to broaden the coverage of the cloud service landscape.

All service types in Landscape Management are supported by Business Service Management, which allows customers to receive maintenance and downtime notifications for their cloud service subscriptions from SAP, and to create their own maintenance and downtime events. 

For a lot of service types, we also support other use cases, especially for the monitoring of these cloud services. To enable data collection for monitoring usually, additional setup has to be performed. You find an overview of the service types that require additional setup and how to perform this setup on the page Setup Managed Components (Services & Systems)

You can find a complete list of all services and systems that can be imported for created in Landscape Management here.

Troubleshooting & Customer Support

To make the setup of Landscape Management and its managed services and systems easier we will document known errors and issues on Troubleshooting Pages for the single products. 

You find some common issues for LMS itself on our Landscape Management Troubleshooting page.

Should this information not suffice to address your problem please open an incident.