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Troubleshooting for Landscape Management

This page helps you to analyze common errors in Landscape Management. 

Missing cloud services in LMS can have several reasons. Please check if one of the following applies.

  • The service type is not in scope:
    • If this is your first subscription for this service type, the service type is not automatically added to the scope after the service was imported
    • Add the service type to the scope:
      1. Open the scope selection
      2. Search for your service type using the service types filter or the live search
      3. Check the checkbox in front of the service type name
      4. Click "Apply"
  • The service wasn't imported yet: 
    • If you just subscribed to the cloud service it possibly hasn't been imported yet. Before a cloud service can be imported into LMS it first has to be created in SAP's Cloud Landscape Directory. This is done by a job that runs once a day. After this, the cloud service can be imported into LMS. The automatic import into LMS happens once a day. 
    • By default, we will only import cloud services that belong to the same customer number as SAP Cloud ALM itself. If your cloud service belongs to another customer number, you have to maintain the SAP Corporate Group (CCC) S-User. See the next question for details. 
    • You can trigger the import ad-hoc:
      1. Open the configuration panel
      2. Open the "Import of Subscribed SAP Services" tray
      3. Click on the status icon under "Status of imports"
      4. Click on "Import My Subscribed Cloud Services"

If the solutions above didn't fix your issue please open a ticket using the components described under "Customer Support".

If you want to use one SAP Cloud ALM to manage cloud service for more than one company, you can do this using the SAP Corporate Group (CCC) function.

You can find more information in the following SAP Notes:

  • 2632518 - Information about the SAP Corporate Group (CCC) function
  • 2459283 - How to link customer numbers using the Corporate Group function CCC - SAP ONE Support Launchpad
  • 3070306 - Multiple Customer Numbers - not all Systems are visible in SAP Cloud ALM Landscape Management Services?

Please note the following rules:

  • The SAP Corporate Group should only be used for customer numbers that belong to the same global ultimate, i.e. only subsidiaries of the same global company should be part of a corporate group
  • It must not be used by partners or service providers to add their end customers to their partner corporate group

In the SAP ABAP system, each client of the system has to be registered separately. Usually, you would only register the productive tenant for monitoring and client 000 for Transport Monitoring. However in SAP ABAP systems with more than one business client, you may want to register additional tenants to monitor client-dependent data using Integration or Business Process Monitoring. 

Each client of an SAP ABAP system is considered a logical system and hence has its own Lms ID. All logical systems are grouped under their technical system in LMS.

The Lms ID shown in transaction /n/SDF/ALM_SETUP is the Lms ID of the client. You find the Lms ID in the Clients table in the CLIENTS section of the technical system.

Landscape Management provides the data for all use cases. Hence we have to be very mindful when we allow the deletion of a managed service or system. 

To delete a service or system from Landscape Management the service or system must meet the following criteria:

  1. The source must be "Manual" or "Registered" 
  2. It must have the Status "New".
    1. All supported use cases must have the status "Not Configured"
    2. The configuration can be removed in the respective applications for the use case
  3. It must have no endpoints 
    1. Endpoints can only be deleted if their use cases are in the status "Not Configured"
  4. For ABAP technical systems, all logical systems must have been deleted.
    1. Logical systems (clients) can be deleted if all their use cases are in the status "Not Configured" and they have no endpoints.

Services imported from SLIS cannot be deleted manually. They will be marked as deleted once they are unsubscribed by the customer. They will be deleted with the next SLIS import once all use cases have the status "Not Configured" and all endpoints are deleted.

To learn how the delete the configuration for the use cases please read:

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud ABAP systems are mapped to their original product type (E.g. SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business Suite, etc.) during the import process. 

Hence you can find them under the system type for this product. You can also use the "Live Search" and search for the SID. By pressing the ENTER button after entering the SID in the Live Search to whole LMS will be searched.

See KBA 3332806 - "Status Events for Systems hosted by SAP ECS in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud" for more details.

When you enter the CCC S-User and password in LMS, you receive the following error message:

  • Connection test failed with http Status: 401 UNAUTHORIZED. It might be due to an invalid username or password. Try again with different login details.

However, when you try to log on to SAP4Me with the same S-User and password you don't have a password error. 

LMS makes a direct call to the SAP Support Backbone and authenticates against the ABAP system. In some cases, it can happen that the password known in the ABAP user store gets out of sync with the password maintained in the SAP IDP 

Follow SAP note 2619351 to reset the password of the S-User in the ABAP user store in the backend to the password that you use in SAP4Me. 

If you also need to reset your SAP4Me password, please follow SAP note 1808560.


In LMS you can upload the service key, that was created for SAP Cloud ALM APIs to enable managed services and systems to send monitoring data to SAP Cloud ALM. The service key upload is available in the "Configuration Panel" in the section "SAP Cloud ALM Service Key". 

  • If you cannot see this section, please make sure that your user has the role Landscape Management Security Administrator
  • If you can see the section but the upload is rejected, please make sure that you upload a service key with the following characteristics:
    • The service key in the TXT file must be in valid JSON
    • The service key belongs to THIS SAP Cloud ALM (verify the field uaa.identityzone)
    • The service key contains the fields uaa.clientid and uaa.clientsecret
    • The field uaa.credential-type = instance-secret