Customer Center of Expertise

The Customer Center of Expertise (Customer COE) - Primary and Advanced - is the central collaboration hub for SAP business and IT departments to work with you on all aspects of your SAP Solution (Single Source of Truth).

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Roadmap & Certification

Establish a Customer COE

Initiate a Primary and later an Advanced Customer COE, beginning with a maturity rating via SAP services right through to certification.


Advanced Certification

Advanced CCOE Area

End-to-End Solution Orchestration

Enable End-to-End Solution Orchestration by going beyond functional collaboration.


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Primary CCOE Basic Functions

Key Elements for Collaboration

Understand the Customer COE Basic Functions: Information Management, Support Operations, Contract & License Management and Influence 


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Knowledge Transfer

CCOE(s) are a Knowledge Source

Access SAP Information - Webinars, Roadmaps, Customer, Best Practices