Remote Connection

Allow SAP support engineers remote access to your systems, so they can troubleshoot your issues faster. Your S-User ID requires the Open Remote Connections to manage these remote connections. Please check your S-User ID's existing authorizations, and contact your user administrator if you do not have this authorization.

There are three steps involved in opening a service connection via the Support Portal:

  1. Select the system to configure.
  2. Set up the required service connection types (done once for each system).
  3. Open the required service connection type and specify the timeframe for allowing SAP access to the system.

A fourth step is required in some circumstances where the remote network connection is not permanent (see note 35010).

  • Start the Service Connector (by opening the executable stfk.oez file) to open the existing network connection (if it is not already open).

If the system SAP is connecting to requires a log in, please ensure that the secure area is updated with this logon information.

Having Trouble?

Read the help documentation for detailed instructions on opening a remote connection.