Expert Chat

SAP now offers technical support via Expert Chat.* 

SAP teams are working hard to deliver a Next Generation of Support experience by offering new, effective, and efficient ways for you to interact with SAP Support. As a part of this initiative, we are proud to offer real-time product support by chatting with an SAP support expert live, from the convenience of your computer. To get started with Expert Chat, simply begin the process of submitting an incident. If Expert Chat is available for the component you have chosen, you will see the Start Chat button next to the Submit button in your incident form.

*The Start Chat button will only appear if there is an available support engineer, or if the feature is available for the component that you have selected in the incident form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I see the chat button?
If the support team member is not able to answer my question during the chat session, will I need to start the incident submission process over again?
Can I refer back to the information provided in a chat session later on?
Who will I be talking to when I open a new chat session?
What kinds of questions can I submit via chat?
Can I submit a speed-up or escalation request via chat?
Can I submit multiple chat sessions on the same topic?