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Embedded Launch Activities (EmLA) for SAP SuccessFactors

SAP is now providing embedded launch activities (EmLA) under a renewed customer engagement model that strives for continuity of an outcome-based relationship, with focus on faster adoption of leading practices and value realization of your selected solution scope.​ Embedded launch activities (EmLA) help enable and prepare your project team for your engagement by providing insights on global leading practices for your chosen SAP SuccessFactors solutions, and they are designed to guide you toward a successful deployment and adoption.​
These activities are offered at no additional cost.

Below are the focus areas of Embedded Launch Activities.


A framework of recorded enablement sessions on business process leading practices, solution architecture, and other strategy topics recommended role wise.

Provide a pre-configured demo environment along with sample data which helps the customer understand and get familiar with the leading practices within weeks.

Provide touchpoints through Value Lifecycle Management survey to track user enablement and process-specific adoption metrics.


Please note: SF EmLA Demo Environment and Adoption Touchpoint Surveys are available only to the eligible customers. Please refer to the Customer Journey Document for eligibility details.

Choose a suitable role below to access the Learning Journey

 Click here to sign up (requires a valid S-user ID to access SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support)

If you are holding any role other than HR & IT, which supports the project implementation, (eg. Change lead, PMO member, Transformation lead, coordinator etc.) you may choose this role.


If you are holding any IT related role including CIO, HRIT,  Data Lead etc. you may select this role to access the relevant learning journey for you.



If you are from the HR function and is holding any functional role in this project (eg. Business Partner, COE member, Recruiter, C&B, HR Ops etc.), please select this role for your specific learning journey. You may look for the assets that are relevant to your function.

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