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Background Information Embedded Launch Activities

Guided Enablement

Every role in your project can access and consume pre-recorded sessions on business process leading practices, solution architecture, and other strategy topics.  These sessions will help you familiarize with the leading practices in your respective HR process area. In addition, you can visualize these processes as configured in SAP SuccessFactors through a pre-recorded system demo.

Once your have gone through the business processes and other topics, should you have any questions or clarification on any particular topic, you have an opportunity to raise them and listen to the expert answers in a live Q&A session organized for both Block 1 & Block 2 activities.

Additional tools and templates on data migration, testing and cut-over are provided to prepare your project team for the solution deployment. 

Demo Environment

All the leading practices as you have familiarized yourself through the enablement sessions are provided to you through a pre-configured demo environment. The demo is enriched with sample data for you to try out different business scenarios as given in your environment. 

Demo instance can be accessed with the username and passwords provided by the EmLA lead.

Adoption Touchpoints

To track process-specific and user enablement adoption metrics, there will be multiple short surveys initiated through the EmLA journey. Initial process adoption metrics survey will be triggered during the Block 1 activities and the values of the metrics will be collected from you to set the base value. A final survey on the Process adoption metrics will be administered 3-6 months after the go-live of the modules. A comparison report along with the industry benchmark values will be provided to you for further action.