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Advanced Customer COE

A Customer COE with Advanced Capabilities fulfills all aspects of a Customer COE Charta – from service provision until business innovation enablement.

The powerful instruments of an Advanced Customer COE are end-to-end processes based on SAP support standards running solution operations. With over 40 years of SAP Service and Support experience, an integrated quality management applied by dedicated and enforceable quality managers and an industrialized continuous improvement via key performance indicators are included in these processes. 

This is paramount for mission critical operations, business and IT alignment, internal and external visibility and a common understanding of current and future top issues.

Start your Advanced Customer COE journey with the SAP Operations Planing Workshop (SOPW) or the Extended SAP Operations Planing Workshop (eSOPW). 

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Enablement of Customer COE(s)

Enablement of Customer COE(s) to act as service provider and as driver for business innovation:

  • Optimum IT Operations
  • Integrated Quality Management cross boundaries
  • Business and IT are ONE team
  • All decisions are made consciously and with transparency
  • Common methodology to identify new business models using real-time technologies
  • Clear roadmaps to success