SAP 製品に関してお困りのことがございましたら

  • お困りの問題がご利用中の SAP ソリューションの標準機能に関するものであり、ナレッジベースでは解決できない場合は、お客様のビジネスへの影響度に応じて以下のいずれかのチャネルで SAP プロダクトサポートにお問い合わせください。

Schedule an Expert



  • 30 分間の電話会議を予約できます。
  • その問題の専門家である SAP サポートエンジニアとおつなぎします。
  • 問題解決とともに、知識を深められるチャンスです。

Schedule an Expert の詳細

Expert Chat



  • チャットでサポートを受けながら問題を解決できます。
  • 複雑な問題については、インシデントを使ってフォローアップいたします。

Expert Chat の詳細



  • SAP ONE Support Launchpad を使用してインシデントを登録すると、SAP プロダクトサポートに転送されます。
  • SAP サポートエンジニアと密接に連携できます。



  • SAP Note 83020 に記載のとおり、これらのチャネルは SAP 製品に関する技術的/機能的な問題の場合にのみお使いください。 
  • それ以外のお問い合わせについては、SAP Community Questions  & Answers をご利用いただくか、Ask an Expert Peer の体験プログラムにご参加いただくか、または SAP エコシステムの他のリソースにアクセスすることをご検討ください。
  • 最も適切なチャネルをお選びいただけるように、各優先度の詳細な説明を SAP Note 67739 に記載しています。

Schedule an Expert


* Schedule an Expert is not yet available for all products, check to see if it is available for your product.

Schedule an Expert* is best used for Low or Medium priority issues:

  • Live, one-on-one 30-minute call
  • Quicker resolution compared to an average Low/Medium incident created in the Launchpad
  • Opportunity to screen share for a better understanding of the issue

Scheduled appointments require a minimum of 48 hours notice to allow engineers to prepare for the session. 

See SAP Knowledge Base Article 2482688 for detailed steps on how to get started.

Important Topics

A well-documented incident better facilitates its processing and reduces back and forth interactions. To help in the preparation of the session, make sure to provide:

  • detailed description of your problem
  • The functional area you'd like to cover
  • Results of your search in our knowledge base
  • Relevant screen shots and logs
  • When applicable, make sure your remote connection is opened and system information is up-to-date

On May 26th, Schedule an Expert sessions for existing open incidents became available on a limited basis. This offers an easy way to book a time of your choosing to discuss the technical details of your existing support incident with the assigned support engineer. 

Schedule an Expert for open incidents will be rolled out in a phased approach. Phase 1 will be available for P2/High priority incidents opened under a product where Schedule an Expert for open incidents is offered (see below), and will be provided by a limited number of support engineers.

Schedule an Expert is only available for products listed in the document: View product areas that currently offer Schedule an Expert.

If you choose one of these product areas to schedule a session and then reference a different product area that is not in the list, the session will be converted to a regular written incident.

A functionality allowing VAR-delivered support partners to use Schedule an Expert for their end customers' systems is currently not available.

More information is available in the Incident Management for VAR Partners document.

In order to access Schedule an Expert, you must add the tile on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad:

  1. Go to the Launchpad
  2. Click on the Personalize icon in the upper left corner
  3. Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section
  4. Click the "+" button, select a Group, and click Save to add the tile to your Launchpad home screen

Until the end of May, after signing up for the session, the Skype web conference information will not be provided in the email notification.

To receive the Skype web conference link, you can do one of the following:

  • Upon scheduling a session, you will receive an email notification with a link that allows you to join the session.
  • From the landing page of Schedule an Expert, click on the View Upcoming icon.

For more information please view the document:

How to join your Schedule an Expert Skype web conference

To provide your feedback on your Schedule an Expert session:

  • Close/confirm your Schedule an Expert incident
  • Fill out the quick survey to let us know how we did

It is important to confirm that you are creating your Schedule an Expert session in the correct time zone. 

When booking a session, the default time zone displayed will come from your Launchpad user profile.

If you need to modify your time zone while you are creating your Schedule an Expert session, you can click on the Edit link next to "Current Timezone in User Profile" on the "4. Our Availability" page.

You can also change your default time zone by accessing the link below:

User Profile

It is important to confirm that you are creating the session in the correct time zone.

Expert Chat


Expert Chat support channel is best suited for new* Medium or High priority issues.

Expert Chat provides:

  • Real-time support from an SAP Product Support Expert
  • Ability to screen share
  • Quicker resolution as compared to an incident created in the Launchpad

See SAP Knowledge Base Article 2213344 for detailed steps on how to get started.

* Looking for an update about an existing incident? Contact the Customer Interaction Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chat may not be available for the component you have selected in the incident form. Alternatively, there may not be a support engineer available to chat at the time.

A functionality allowing VAR-delivered support partners to use Expert Chat for their end customers' systems is currently not available.

More information is available in the Incident Management for VAR Partners document.

No, if the support engineer is unable to resolve your issue at the time, they will continue the incident submission process for you. The chat transcript will always be captured and recorded in your incident log, whether the issue is resolved immediately or not.

Yes, the chat transcript will be recorded in your incident log for your review.

When you open a new chat session, you will be connected with a trained SAP expert from our team. There are no robots or automated responders.

You are welcome to use the chat functionality to get assistance for any technical problems for which you were not able to find an answer in our SAP Note or Knowledge Base Articles (KBA).

The best way to speed up processing or escalate an existing incident is to contact the Customer Interaction Center (CIC).

See SAP Knowledge Base Article 2571224 for more details on how to follow up on an open incident.

We do not limit the number of times you may contact support using chat. However, we recommend you start only one chat session per problem or question that you have.


優先度が優先または最優先の問題が発生した場合は、SAP ONE Support Launchpad を使用し、SAP サポートと協力してインシデントを登録してください。

  • オンプレミスのお客様はリモート接続がオープンされていることを確認し、該当する有効な通信データを提供してください。詳細については、SAP サポート技術情報 2633442 を参照してください。
  • インシデントの登録方法の詳細については、SAP サポート技術情報 1296527 を参照してください。



  • 問題の詳細な説明
  • 問題を再現する手順(該当する場合)
  • ナレッジベースでの検索結果
  • 関連するスクリーンショットとログ



予約している Schedule an Expert セッションの表示、スケジュールの変更およびキャンセルが可能です。

問題が解決した場合、または SAP プロダクトサポートの対応が不要になった場合は、インシデントをクローズ(確認済に)してください。