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SAP Cloud ALM Consulting Services

SAP Cloud ALM is our application lifecycle management offering for cloud-centric customers. It provides extensive implementation and operations capabilities for cloud solutions.


  • Fast: SAP Cloud ALM comes as SaaS (Software as a Service). No setup, no maintenance costs, ready in less than one hour.
  • Costs: SAP Cloud ALM is included in your cloud subscription with SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions. You can use it without additional maintenance costs.
  • UIX: Modern, clean, state-of-the-art desktop and mobile user interface experience.

We help you get the most out of SAP Cloud ALM with best practices, trainings and guidance from out experienced agile SAP Cloud ALM Coaches.

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SAP Consulting Services

We support you to successfully execute your transformation journey and business operations with SAP Cloud ALM. Our agile best practice approaches cover the hole process and application lifecycle with a holistic approach by connecting methodology – tool chain – data to one value adding business transformation suite.

From Model-to-Deploy ensure a manageable and successful transformation project execution in an agile way by utilizing a business transformation platform, standard content and processes with SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation and our agile Model-to-Deploy Best Practice Methodology.

From Detect-to-Automate ensure smooth business operations without disruptions. Increase the business process execution quality and performance by measurement of integrated data, tools and processes inside SAP Cloud ALM for Operations.

The APIs for SAP Cloud ALM let you extend SAP Cloud ALM capabilities for Implementation and Operations and innovate on top of  SAP ALM core capabilities. We help you integrate SAP Cloud ALM into your existing tool chain and customize it to your own requirements.

Our Discovery Services provide a comprehensive overview of SAP Cloud ALM. In one-day workshops, we show you all the features and capabilities of the tool. After the session, you can make an informed decision about how and to what extent SAP Cloud ALM can be used for your SAP solution.

SAP Cloud ALM Discovery Service for Operation

  • The service includes everything you need for a professional operation approach of your landscape
  • Gain visibility into all operational use cases and use that knowledge to optimize your SAP system landscape
  • See real examples in a live demo


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SAP Cloud ALM Discovery Service for Implementation

  • Comprehensive overview of SAP Cloud ALM implementation capabilities
  • Coming soon (Q3/2023)

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The Agile SAP Cloud ALM Coach is your pathfinder and guidance that ensures a manageable and successful transformation journey and a smooth business operation without disruption with SAP Cloud ALM.

Our Agile SAP Cloud ALM coach will guide you through the entire project, from project setup to successful go-live. We deliver up-to-date training material based on a fully-developed best-practice approach and help you to to run your transformation journey in an successful way.

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