Service Availability Management Data Provider


The Service Availability Management  data provider in the OCC Dashboard gives you access to different reports and KPIs from the Service Availability Management application.

Configuration and Filters Description

The configuration of an OCC SAM Dashboard is quite simple and can be summarized in following steps:

  1. Create an OCC Instance with one or more Gadgets
  2. Configure the Gadgets and select one of the available and supported renderers
  3. Select the correct timeframe/resolution for each Gadget
  4. Create one or more queries and select the Service Availability Management data provider
  5. Select one of the available Key Figures and filters in the "General"
  6. Select a fixed list of systems in the General => Systems tab or a dynamic list based on some LMDB attributes using the Selection Scope tab

The filters of the Service Availability Management data provider are grouped into two tabs:

  • General
  • Scope Selection

The tab "Scope Selection" is introduced with the release SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP02.

To configure a query using Service Availability Management data provider in the OCC dashboard, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Select Service Availability Management  data provider from the data providers list
  2. Select one of the four Key figures from the General tab

The "Outages" and "Availability and SLA"  Key Figures are available starting with SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP02.

  1. Select a System from the available list
  2. A dynamic list of systems can be selected using the Scope Selection tab

Supported Resolutions/Granularities

In case the message "no data" is displayed in the Gadget, granularity should be checked to verify that the selected combination (Month, Day) is supported.


Data Source

All the KPIs displayed in the OCC dashboard ("Availability considering confirmed/all outages", "Outages", "Availability and SLA") are retrieved from the Service Availability Management application.

The application can be accessed using the "Service Availability Management" Tile in the "Advanced Application Management" group of the FRUN Launchpad.

In order to validate the key figures, the following sections/filters should be checked for each KPI.

Availability Considering Only Confirmed Outages (%)

In the Service Availability Overview, the default displayed values are related to the monthly values of the Availability considering only confirmed outages.

Availability Considering All Outages (%)

To display the data related to the following key figure, we need to apply All value in the filter Availability settings and click on Apply button as shown in the below screen shot.


Select the outages icon from the list. The information of outages related to the selected systems is displayed.

The outages key figure supports only the Dynamic Table renderer.

If a different renderer is used when using this KPI a message will be displayed "Renderer not supported with the current KPI"  and more details on the Message Log, "Selected KPI Outages in query $$$ is displayed only with the DYNAMIC_TABLE renderer").

Availability and SLA

In the Service Availability Overview, select the wanted system and enter on its detail view and check the maintained target values.


To be able to display data related to the service availability management in the OCC Dashboard, all the necessary configuration activities have to be performed in the Service Availability Management application.