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Collect Metrics from
SAP Business Technology Platform, Neo Environment


Prerequisites: SAP Focused Run

You must be running at least SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP02. For information on how to collect SAP BTP Neo KPIs in SAP Focused Run 3.0 FP03, see Configuration of Cloud Services.

Prerequisites: SAP BTP

You need an SAP BTP subaccount in the Neo environment.


Configuration Steps: SAP BTP

In your SAP BTP subaccount, create an API client for the Monitoring Service API and assign the scope Read Monitoring Data to this API.

When you save the API client, SAP BTP displays its OAuth client credentials (client ID and client secret). Make a note of the client ID and client secret. You'll need them in a later configuration step. 

Configuration Steps: SAP Focused Run

a) Create HTTP Destination
Go to transaction SM59 and create an HTTP destination of type G (HTTP Connection to External Server). Then fill out the following fields:

  • Technical settings
    Host =
    Port = 443 (meaning: https protocol)
    Path Prefix = /oauth2/apitoken/v1
  • Logon & Security
    Select Basic Authentication and enter the client ID as user and the client secret as password. (See the preceding SAP BTP configuration steps.)
    Select SSL Active.
    In the SSL Certificate field, select an anonymous SSL client.

b) Create a Variant for Program RCA_GS_NEO_METRICS

Go to transaction se38, enter RCA_GS_NEO_METRICS in the Program field and then press execute (F8).

In the HTTP Destination field, select the HTTP destination you created in the preceding step.

In the Data Center field, enter the data center in which the database or Java applications you want to monitor are running (for example, eu1).

In the Subaccount Name field, enter the name of the subaccount on SAP BTP. (See preceding SAP BTP configuration steps.)

In the Namespace field, use the input help (F4) to select the namespace (for example, localnetwork) that corresponds to a customer network in SAP Focused Run (for example, LOCALNETWORK). In the input help, you can also see the ID of the customer that this customer network belongs to. When you execute the program, it creates Application Check metrics in the customer network for the monitoring data read from the SAP BTP subaccount. You then see these metrics displayed in the SAP Focused Run Health Monitoring app.

Press the Load Definitions button. This enables you to choose the Java applications from your subaccount in a subsequent step (see below).

Select Health Monitoring in the Push to section.

In the Select the DB Metrics section, enter a database name from your SAP BTP, Neo environment in the DB Name field. If you don't enter a database name, the program collects all metrics.

In the Select the DB Metrics section, enter the names of the database metrics you want to collect in the DB Metric Name field. If you don't enter a metric name, the program collects all metrics.

Note: You can find more information about the monitoring metrics of a database system here.

In the Select the Java Applications section, use the input help of the Java Application field to select the names of the Java applications. If you enter an asterisk (*), the program selects all Java applications from your subaccount.

Note: You can find details of the metrics of a Java application here.

Click on the Save as Variant… button (Ctrl+S), then enter a variant name and a description, and press the Save button.

c) Schedule Program RCA_GS_NEO_METRICS

You can decide on the interval for scheduling the report depending on your requirements and the metrics you want to collect. A period of 5 minutes or greater is usually sufficient.

Go to transaction SM36 (Define Job) and schedule a job that runs periodically (for example, every 5 minutes). The job executes the program RCA_GS_NEO_METRICS with user FRN_BTC_ASM.

d) Check the results of the job

Click on the Health Monitoring tile on the launchpad. Select the customer ID to which the customer network specified in the variant belongs. (See step b) above.) Then choose the Application Check  tab in the navigation on the left of the screen. The app displays a table containing Application Check metrics. To see the list of metrics collected from the SAP BTP subaccount, in the search field above the table, enter the subaccount name you specified in the variant (see step b) above).