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SAP Commerce Suite (on-premise)

This page explains how to prepare a SAP Commerce Suite (on-premise) managed system for the execution of the Simple System Integration

Currently the following monitoring application are supported for SAP Hybris Commerce Suite systems:

Preparations in the Managed System

Task Operations
Run Outside Discovery on the Host As prerequisites, you shall install the SAP Host Agent and run Outside Discovery as described in Preparing Outside Discovery page.
Install hybris Commerce Suite 5.2 or above.

With hybris Commerce Suite 5.2 hybris provides the SLD Data Supplier as standard hybris extension hybrisdatasupplier. With the hybris Commerce Suite 5.2 the extension is delivered with the platform. The SLD-DS extension is built based on the SLD Data Supplier for Apache Tomcat.  It provides a CronJob to report landscape data periodically to the configured SLD. The configuration properties are specified in the file.

With hybris Commerce Suite 5.7 hybris extension hybris data supplier targets moreover satellite (standalone) hybris web applications. It provides the logic for WAR generation for single/sets of satellite (standalone) hybris web applications (DataHub, Subscription Billing Gateway, Entitlement & Metering Service). Generated  WAR can be afterwards deployed on the separate web server Apache Tomcat. It will then report periodically landscape data coming from satellite (standalone) hybris web applications to the configured SLD (model version 1.6.42 includes this functionality).

Follow SAP Note 2187606 for more details.

Check if an SLDR is needed As prerequisites, you need to choose, according to your landscape, if an SLDR is required see page Preparing System Landscape Data Router.
Configure Data Supplier to send the payload. Install BCI Adapter to collect performance metrics and trace data

Please follow the SAP Note 2018246 and SAP Note 2181279, to install the IS Agent with hybris on the Apache Tomcat:

The Note covers the installation and configuration of CA Introscope Java agent for hybris Commerce Suite. It provides examples and typical configuration for Introscope Java Agent 9.

Perform following steps to install and configure the Introscope Java Agent with hybris:

  1. Download the latest Introscope Agent installation files
  2. Extract the Introscope Agent files on the hybris host.
  3. Configure the Introscope Agent: configure the Agent's profile file.
  4. Add JVM properties for the Introscope BC Agent to the file.
  5. Rebuild runtime configuration and restart hybris server.
  6. Verify Introscope Agent installation.