SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration

SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration (f.k.a. SAP HANA Cloud Integration) is a technology used to integrate processes and data between SAP cloud applications, 3rd party applications and on-premise solutions. We can monitor this integration with Interface and Connection Monitoring and Exception Management by monitoring the IFlows inside SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration and create alerts in case of errors or performance problems.

Configure Cloud Service

Preparations for SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration 

Create Communication User (BASIC Authentication)

If you plan to use BASIC authentication to connect to SAP Integration Suite – Cloud Integration you need to create a communication user.

The user can be a company S-user. Please contact your companies S-User super-admin to request a new S-user for this purpose.

  • The user will be maintained in the HTTP endpoint and must be must have a role which contains the following privilege:
    • In the Neo environment:
    • In the Cloud Foundry environment:
      • MonitoringDataRead
  • For more information about default role assignments, please refer to SAP Integration Suite – Cloud Integration documentation: → Security → Select the link for your platform → Identity and Access Management → Persona → Tasks and Permissions 

Prepare and gather OAuth Information for SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration on SAP Cloud Foundry

To enable OAuth authentication between SAP Focused Run and SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration you need to create an instance with a service key for the Process Integration service with the necessary authorizations. 

Create Service Instance

  1. Go to your SAP BTP Cockpit → Access the subaccount used for SAP Cloud Integration
  2. Go to "Instances and Subscriptions"
  3. Click the 'Create' button to create a new instance
  4. Basic Info
    1. Service: Process Integration (it-rt)
    2. Plan: api
    3. Runtime Environment: Choose Cloud Foundry
    4. Space: Select the appropriate space (depending on your company)
    5. Instance Name: Enter an instance name
    6. Click 'Next'
  5. Parameters
    1. Select the role "MonitoringDataRead" in the 'Roles' drop-down on the Form tab
    2. Click "Create Instance"

Create Service Key

After the instance is created you can create the service key.

  1. Select the row of the instance
  2. Go to tab "Service Keys"
  3. Click 'Create'
  4. Enter a name for the service key
  5. Click 'Create'

Download the service key file. You will need the information in the file later when you create the end-point in SAP Focused Run.

Prepare and gather OAuth Information for SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration in the Neo environment

If you want to use OAuth authentication to connect to SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration in the Neo environment, you need to create a client with the correct authorizations:

  1. Go to the SAP Business Technology Platform Cockpit
  2. Navigate to Security → OAuth
  3. Go to tab 'Clients'
    1. Click 'Register New Client'
    2. Choose a name
    3. Set the subscription to the CPI tenant (ends with xxxx.tnm)
    4. Generate an ID (it is recommended to use the suggested unique ID)
    5. Select Authorization Grant as 'Client Credentials'
    6. Choose a Secret
    7. Click on Save
  4. Note down the Client ID and the Client secret for later use in SAP Focused Run
  5. Go to tab 'Branding' 
    1. Note down the 'Token Endpoint' URL to be used as OAuth URL
  6. Navigate to Security → Authorizations
  7. As a user enter 'oauth_client_<client_ID>' (the Client ID generated in the previous step)
  8. Grant the user the roles:
  9. Save you changes.

Input Values for SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration

  • Tenant: Tenant name of your tenant
  • Tenant Management Node URL: 
    • As root URL use the URL you use the access SAP Integration Suite Cloud Integration in the browser minus the path /itspaces
  • Description (optional)

Input Values for SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration

For SAP Cloud Integration you can choose if you want to use Basic or OAuth for authentication.

The input fields depend on the selected authorization method:

  • Type: OAUTH (recommended)
    • OAuth URL: the 'Token Endpoint' URL from SAP Cloud Integration
    •  Client ID: The ID of the client you want to use
    • Client Secret: The Secret of the client you want to use
    • User: Connection user created before
    • Password: Password for the user

Advanced Integration Monitoring Setup

Available Monitoring Categories

For SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration the following monitoring category is available.

  • SAP Integration Suite: Collects IFlows that are sent through SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration 

For the category 'SAP Integration Suite' you can collect payload information via custom attributes from the IFlow and display this payload in the AIM application in Focused Run. You can then use this information to search for related messages in PI or SAP Cloud Integration, related IDocs, or related web service calls. Find out how to set up the collection of payload information here.

Available Filter Options

SAP Integration Suite

You can collect all IFlows or you can use a filter to restrict the data collection: 

  • Status: Possible statuses are:
    • FAILED
    • RETRY
  • IFlow Name: Name of the IFlow for which you want to receive exceptions
  • Message: Filter on the error message 

Available Metrics

For SAP Integration Suite - Cloud Integration the following metrics are collected:

SAP Integration Suite

  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration exceptions: Indicates that new exceptions were collected during the last data collection interval 
  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration issue for longer than N minutes: Indicates that a message is in a critical state for longer than n minutes