SAP Focused Run

The ultimate solution for high volume monitoring, alerting, diagnostics, and analytics

SAP Focused Run is designed specifically for businesses that need high-volume system and application monitoring, alerting, and analytics. It's a powerful solution for service providers, who want to host all their customers in one central, scalable, safe, and automated environment. It also addresses customers with advanced needs regarding system management, user monitoring, integration monitoring, and configuration and security analytics.

Please check the SAP TechEd 2020 talk on Operation of Hybrid Landscapes with SAP Focused Run and another one specifically about SAP Focused Run - News with Release 3.0 SP00.

The new release SAP Focused Run 3.0 SP00 is out now.

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SAP Focused Run uses the full power of SAP HANA as a platform, including streaming, replication, scale-out, predictive analytics, and compression, so you can support thousands of systems in high-volume monitoring use cases.

  • Optimized for high-volume system and application monitoring use cases using the full power of SAP HANA
  • Extremely simplified architecture with small technical footprint and reduced total cost of ownership
  • Proven built-in security concept with HTTP(S) as communication protocols and push as communication direction
  • Clear separation of different customers by multi-tenancy concept
  • Maximum automation during the complete life-cycle of systems from onboarding to decommissioning

  • Advanced Integration Monitoring (AIM): Monitoring of high volumes of single interface calls (peer-to-peer integration) or simple message flows (orchestrated integration)
  • Advanced User Monitoring (AUM): Monitoring of real user requests as well as synthetic user requests, cross-system and cross-technology
  • Advanced Application Management (AAM): This set of applications can be used to manage systems and cloud services in a unified way. Health Monitoring is lowering the barrier to monitor cloud or on-prem based applications by using an unmodeled approach in combination with adding context information
  • Advanced Configuration Monitoring (ACM): Efficient management of configuration items, cross-system and cross-technology

For further information, visit the SAP Focused Run Expert Portal.

  • Advanced System Management (ASM): Effective and efficient management of huge numbers of systems, databases, and hosts with minimal operations costs
  • Advanced Event and Alert Management (AEM): Enhanced management capabilities for events and alerts based on monitoring use cases such as: Advanced User Monitoring, Advanced System Monitoring, and/or Advanced Integration Monitoring
  • Advanced Analytics & Intelligence (AAI): Built-in advanced personalizable dashboard functionality as well as usage of artificial intelligence for features like Metric Forecasting and System Anomaly Analysis
  • Advanced Root Cause Analysis (ARA):  Guided System Analysis features combined with detailed Trace Analysis for component specific traces across different systems and technologies

How to get SAP Focused Run:

  • The first step is the SAP Focused Run introduction workshop to give you an overview of the product's scope, features and architecture.
  • Second is the SAP Focused Run positioning workshop. In this workshop, we will go deeper into the architecture, present all use cases in detail and scope it for your concrete situation.
  • As a follow-up, we provide you a SAP Focused Run project proposal. It contains hardware sizing, license cost calculation and service day.
  • Based on the project proposal, you can then contact your SAP sales representative to send you a quotation based on your specific SAP licensing conditions to get SAP Focused Run.

To schedule your workshop: please contact us.

  • SAP Focused Run Architecture and Project Setup Workshop

    5 days
    2 days remote (preparation) and 3 days onsite (workshop)
    Content: In the 2 days preparation phase we support you to install and configure the SAP Focused Run infrastructure in close cooperation with your team. In the 3 days onsite workshop the SAP Focused Run architecture is explained in detail and customer specific needs are incorporated. All necessary project steps are identified. The project timeline, sequence of tasks and the responsibilities are defined. In addition, specific topics as technical deployment, landscape discovery as well as network settings will be discussed. Some managed systems will be connected to SAP Focused Run, including activation of some use cases.
    To schedule your workshop: 
    please contact us.

  • SAP Focused Run Integration Workshop

    : 5 days
    Delivery: 3 days onsite (workshop) and 2 days remote (post-processing)
    Content: In the 3 days onsite workshop, we investigate together with the customer the operations processes and associated tool landscape. Based on this, we identify the technical integration points between SAP Focused Run and the existing tools. This could mean, the integration of existing monitoring tools into the Advanced Event & Alert Management (inbound integration). This could also include the forwarding of events/metrics from SAP Focused Run into existing IT Service Management or Event Management tools (outbound integration). In addition, the workshop provides clarifications of a reporting concept, integration of downtime management and service availability management, to name just a few. As a result of the onsite workshop, an integration implementation plan is generated.
    To schedule your workshop: please contact us.

  • SAP Focused Run Safeguarding

    Efforts: Project specific between 10 and 30 days
    Delivery: Remote (in exceptional cases onsite)
    Content: Support to implement SAP Focused Run in customer environment including mass role out aspects. Troubleshooting on infrastructure issues. Enabling regarding root-cause analysis and operation of SAP Focused Run. Regular status and alignments meeting including follow-up. Target is to ensure a smooth implementation of SAP Focused Run in customer landscape.
    To schedule your workshop: please contact us.

SAP Focused Run - Use Cases

The following use cases are supported by SAP Focused Run:

Advanced Integration Monitoring (AIM)

This application provides monitoring of data exchange processes between different systems within a solution landscape or between systems and public cloud services. Peer-to-peer integration via RFC, HTTP(S), IDOC, Web Services, as well as orchestrated integration via SAP Process Integration or SAP Cloud Integration is supported. Monitoring on single interface call or message level is supported to enable correlation of integration fragments to end-to-end flows. 

Please check the following link for a demo video of Advanced Integration Monitoring.

Advanced User Monitoring (AUM)

This use case consists of two applications. Synthetic User Monitoring (SUM) allows you to monitor user scenarios based on synthetic probes sent from robots, which can be deployed in different customer locations. Real User Monitoring (RUM) provides measurement of different user request types, such as HTTP(S), SAPUI5, RFC and SAPGUI.

Please check the following links for a demo video of Synthetic User Monitoring and Real User Monitoring. In another video it is shown how you can Create Custom Page in Synthetic User Monitoring

Advanced Application Management (AAM)

This set of applications can be used to manage systems and cloud services in a unified way. Health Monitoring is lowering the barrier to monitor cloud or on-prem based applications by using an unmodeled approach in combination with adding context information.

Efficient monitoring of auto-discovered SAP standard jobs and selected SAP application jobs. Efficient IT Event and Service Level Management of on-prem systems and cloud services by IT Calendar, Work Mode Management, and Service Availability Management.

Please check the following link for demo videos of IT Calendar and Workmode Management. Furthermore, you can find here demo videos for Service Availability Management, and the automated System Health Check.

Advanced Configuration Monitoring (ACM)

This application provides an overview of the changes that have been applied to systems, databases, and operating systems. It allows you to validate existing technical configuration towards a pre-defined policy. Support for security compliance audits can be provided by the tool. Interactive browsing and searching for certain configuration item values over high number of components is also possible.

Please check the following link for a demo video of Advanced Configuration Monitoring.

Advanced System Management (ASM)

These applications allow you to monitor systems, databases and operating systems for the whole solution landscape. With the Metric Forecasting and the System Anomaly Prediction it is possible to predict certain systems behavior. Automated Health Checks are complementing functionalities to deep-dive analysis of critical situations. Furthermore, management applications, such as down time/work mode management, IT calendar, service availability management, and license/maintenance management are provided. Data will be delivered for SAP EarlyWatch Alert and SAP Maintenance Planner running in SAP Support Cloud.

Advanced Event and Alert Management (AEM)

This application is the central access point to handle alerts from different use cases like system monitoring, user monitoring and integration monitoring. It allows efficient handling of high volumes of alerts, based on a dashboard-driven approach. It is possible to integrate alerts coming from external monitoring systems into AEM (inbound integration), as well as forward alerts to external event and alert management or ticket systems (outbound integration). For system monitoring, automated alert reactions, especially for production-down situations, are provided out-of-the-box. 

Advanced Root Cause Analysis (ARA)

Advanced Root Cause Analysis consists of three different applications. A dedicated application for System Analysis provides you an overview on actual and historic monitoring data from the whole system landscape, with a large variety of drill down and customizing possibilities in the user interface. With Trace Analysis it is possible to trace specific user activities across different SAP on-premise and cloud technologies. The File System Browser enables you to provide a secure read access to the operating systems for analyzing log files.

Please check the following link for a demo video of System Analysis and Trace Analysis.

Advanced Analytics & Intelligence (AAI)

The out-of-the-box dashboarding and intelligence capabilities offer a unified shell as commonly used UI platform across all applications to enable a unified user experience. The seamless integration of monitoring, alerting, and analytics enable a one-stop user experience, which complements with a large degree of personalization and customization features for the user. The provided infrastructure allows use case specific adoption of Artificial Intelligence whenever it makes sense and adds value, e.g. for automatic Metric Forecasting and System Anomaly Prediction. Furthermore, with the Tactical Dashboard you are able to report the status of key performance indicators for your solution landscapes.

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Get familiar with the concepts and functions included in SAP Focused Run.

Product Information

Explore what Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager can offer to your business.

Demo Systems

A SAP Focused Run trial license can be acquired. For more details please contact your SAP sales representative.

There is a pre-configured public demo system for SAP Focused Run 3.0 SP00 with sample data available.

An unconfigured and an already configured version of SAP Focused Run 3.0 SP00 are also available via the SAP Cloud Appliance Library.


  • Support from Partners
    Local partners support you in setting up your focused solution, provide knowledge transfer, and assist you in managing the project.
  • Support for Technical Inquiries
    As a customer, you can create technical inquiries with component SV-FRN-* in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.