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Setup for SAP Intelligent Asset Management

This page explains how to connect SAP Intelligent Asset Management solutions to SAP Cloud ALM.

Currently the following monitoring application are supported for SAP Intelligent Asset Management solutions:

Monitoring is supported for the following SAP Intelligent Asset Management solutions:

  • SAP Asset Intelligence Network
  • SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management
  • SAP Predictive Asset Insights
If you have subscribed to more than one of the solutions above within the same sub-account, it is recommended to activate monitoring only for one of the solutions to avoid duplicate data collection.



  • You need access to the sub-account for your SAP Intelligent Asset Management solution
  • You need Space Developer access for the space in which the instance for your SAP Intelligent Asset Management solution was created
  • Integration Monitoring is not supported for SAP Intelligent Asset Management accounts running in Neo, AliCloud, or Azure

Obtain Service Key for SAP Intelligent Asset Management

To create the end-point in SAP Cloud ALM you need the OAuth credentials for your SAP Intelligent Asset Management solution tenant. You can obtain these credential the following way:

  1. Access the sub-account for the SAP Intelligent Asset Management solution
  2. Go to Instances and Subscriptions
  3. Select relevant service instance under 'Instances'
  4. Find the service keys on the right side
  5. Download the service key file

Create Endpoint in SAP Cloud ALM

Create HTTP End-Point

  1. Open the Landscape Management application from the launchpad
  2. Select your SAP Intelligent Asset Management service
  3. Press the ">" button at the end of the line
  4. On the tab "Endpoints" press the "Add" button to create a new end-point
  5. Enter a description
  6. Select the use-case "Integration Monitoring"
  7. Root URL: Enter the following values depending on your data center
  8. Choose "OAuth2ClientCredentials" as authentication type 
  9. Enter the following values
    1. Client ID: The AIN service key parameter uaa.clientid
    2. Client secret: The AIN service key parameter uaa.clientsecret
    3. Token Service URL: The AIN service key parameter uaa.url + ‘/oauth/token'

Next Steps

After creating the endpoint in SAP Cloud ALM, you have to perform the following steps to activate the monitoring use-cases: