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Troubleshooting Tools

Support Log Assistant

The Support Log Assistant is an SAP Cloud Platform tool that allows users to scan their support related files for known issues and recommendations.  This provides the user with a self-service method of analyzing, reviewing and packaging up their log, trace and configuration related files to automatically find solutions that can help them maintain a healthy environment.

This tool leverages an online database of known issues, conditions and recommendations that is maintained by SAP Product Support Experts on a regular basis, so you are always getting the most up to-date alerts and recommendations.

The Support Log Assistant provides:

  • 24/7 automated expert-level analysis of support related files

  • Content based file analysis and solution matching

  • Faster issue resolution time

This functionality is also available directly in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad – Incident Form as the new “Analyze Files” option that appears when attaching available file types to an incident. 

For more information on this feature, see the SAP ONE Support Launchpad Release Notes for Wave 6 2019 or the blog listed below.

Automated Notes Search Tool (ANST)

The Automated Notes Search Tool (ANST) is an application that helps customers search for SAP Notes in order to solve a specific issue and works based on the issue replication in the customer system.

See SAP Note 1818192 - FAQ: Automated Note Search Tool for availability.

Read more about ANST on the SAP Community

Due to the SAP Support Backbone update, calls to SAP Notes search using RFC protocol (RFC destinations such as SAPOSS/SAPSNOTE) will not be allowed for ABAP systems having SAP NetWeaver 740 and above effective January 1st, 2020. 

SAP Note 2730525 provides a new API, valid for SAP NetWeaver 740 and above, that calls the SOAP based SAP Note search web service in the SAP Support Backbone. The ANST tool has been adapted to this change by replacing the call to the old RFC API with the call to the new API provided by SAP Note 2730525. This change is available in SAP Note 2732094 and applicable for SAP NetWeaver 740 and above.

For SAP NetWeaver 731 and below, the above-mentioned SAP Notes are not applicable. Hence, SAP Notes search functionality will no longer be supported in ANST effective January 1st, 2020.

Performance Assistant Note and KBA Search (PANKS)

Performance Assistant Note and KBA Search (PANKS) consists of a new button added to the performance assistant that searches for SAP Notes and KBAs that are relevant to the incident.

PANKS can be installed in customer’s system by applying SAP Note 2020356. It has been included with Support Packages since Support Package 740.

Note Assistant

Note Assistant is a powerful tool for rapidly implementing specific SAP Notes. It makes it easy to install specific corrections to SAP solutions. It also recognizes any dependencies on SAP Notes, Support Packages, and modifications that have already been implemented, which helps to ensure you implement all appropriate fixes for your SAP solutions.

With the SAP Support Backbone update and mandatory digital signing of SAP Notes, the download and upload process of SAP Notes has changed.

Post January 1, 2020, the download and upload process will stop working unless Note Assistant (SNOTE transaction) is enabled in ABAP systems to work with digitally signed SAP Notes.

Please refer to the SAP Support Portal announcement for further details.

SAP NetWeaver JAVA Support Tool

The SAP NetWeaver (NW) Java Support Tool connects to a NW AS JAVA system and automatically collects the information required for you to troubleshoot an issue before uploading such data to SAP Product Support. It also provides guidance and assistance in the case of needing to apply a patch and analyzing all patch dependencies.

Landscape Analysis Utility (LAU)

The Landscape Analysis Utility (LAU) is to be used by support engineers, consultants, and mobility product administrators.  It is designed for supporting many aspects of the products and simplifies the process of reporting on the product and landscape configuration, and performing root cause analysis tasks.