Software Logistics for SAP Cloud Platform

Software Logistics for SAP Cloud Platform


Along the lifecycle of cloud-native and hybrid applications (as described in this blog), consider several software logistics offerings that ease the handling and operation with enterprise readiness, outlined in the categories listed below.

For more information, also check out the learning journey Lifecycle Management of SAP Cloud Platform applications.


Develop & Build

Business applications are composed of multiple parts that are developed using different languages and technologies, get deployed to a variety of target runtime environments, and have dependencies to consider. The Multi-Target Application approach helps handling this kind of applications.


Deploy & Change

To move your applications from one account to another such as from DEV to TST and PROD accounts, you can work with the SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management service (TMS) or with the enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+):

Transport Management service lets you manage transports between SAP Cloud Platform accounts in Neo and Cloud Foundry. Transport development artifacts (in form of Multi-Target Application archives) and application-specific content, such as SAP Cloud Platform Integration content. In addition, transport delivery units of SAP HANA XS classic model between different SAP HANA instances assigned to cloud accounts. You can find the detailed documentation on how to enable this service and how to use it on the SAP Help Portal in the chapter Transport Management Service.

Transport Management service has just recently completed its beta testing phase and is now generally available. More details are provided in this blog.

For hybrid landscapes, that involve also ABAP systems or if you do have ABAP systems in place, you can also use CTS+ for your accounts in SAP Cloud Platform and for transporting Multi-Target Applications. The details are documented in the guide How to... Configure SAP Cloud Platform for CTS. Additional information about CTS+ in SAP Cloud Platform is provided in several blogs: Setting up a CTS+ enabled transport landscape in SAP Cloud PlatformCTS+ based Transport in SAP Cloud Platform Integration and (CTS +) Finally In SAP Cloud Platform! You can use loose coupling for transporting Portal on SAP Cloud Platform sites. If your accounts are configured for CTS+ (see guide linked above), you can export the portal site as an MTAR-file and attach this file to a transport request.


Integrate & Test

Cloud Integration Automation Service is a unified framework for the integration of cloud solutions from SAP. It offers a selection of integration scenario and configuration targets via SAP Maintenance Planner. You can generate guided, standardized and role-based workflows, which are partially automated. The workflows will reuse the Planning and Landscape information accessible from within SAP Maintenance Planner.

With this Integration Service, the manual effort for the integration of available scenarios is significantly reduced.

See also the following Cloud Integration Automation blog.


Operate & Monitor

Use SAP Solution Manager also for the operation of hybrid scenarios spanning SAP Cloud Platform. For example, monitor integration flows throughout your landscape with Integration Monitoring, ensure availability and performance of your hybrid applications via User Monitoring, trace performance based on exposed statistics via Trace Analysis, and forward business-critical exceptions from SAP Cloud Platform to your on-premise operations with Exception Management. 

For more information, see this blog about hybrid supportability.