Remote Support

Would you like to have your incidents resolved quicker? Set up remote access so that SAP Support can quickly diagnose and solve incidents you report, without needing to be at your desk or on the phone.

Remote Connections

Allow SAP support engineers remote access to your systems, so they can troubleshoot your issues faster.

Your S-user ID requires the Open Remote Connections authorization to manage these remote connections. Check your S-user ID's existing authorizations, and contact your user administrator if you do not have this authorization.

There are three steps involved in opening a service connection via the SAP Support Portal:

  1. Select the system to configure.
  2. Set up the required service connection types (done once for each system).
  3. Open the required service connection type and specify the time frame for allowing SAP access to the system.

    In some circumstances a fourth step is required when the remote network connection is not permanent (see SAP Note 35010).

  4. Start the Service Connector (by opening the executable stfk.oez file) to open the existing network connection (if it is not already open).
  5. If the system SAP is connecting to requires a login, ensure that the Customer Remote Logon Depot is updated with this information.

Connection Types

Service Connection Type
Description SAP Note


SAP GUI based connection

R/3 Support Enables remote access to an SAP system via SAP GUI 812732
R/3 Support with SNC/SSO
Enables remote access to an SAP system via SAPGUI with SSO
SAPGui+Browser Connect Enables remote access to an SAP system via SAP GUI and browser 1721448
SAP NI Connection Enables remote access to an SAP system via any client using SAP NI as protocol 1718597


Connection to SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager Provides access to the solution graphic in SAP Solution Manager 962516
Solution Manager Diagnostics Enables system related access to SAP Solution Manager Diagnostics 962516


Java / http-based connection types that enable / ease service connection to java based systems

NW Mobile Java Apps Enables a connection to a SAP Netweaver Data Orchestration Engine 1613402
HTTP Connect - URL access Provides access to http-based applications via Web browser 592085
HTTP Connect w. SNC/SSO
Provides access to http-based applications via Web browser with SSO
HTTP-based Tools Enables http-based access through client tools using http protocol 1787981
SAP Business Client Enables a web-based connection via SAP Business Client


LoadRunner-Test Enables remote load testing 850213
JAVA DEBUG Enables remote debugging of java based applications 545519
SAP JVM Tools Enables debugging of JVM Tools 2038631


Connection types providing application sharing methods or access on OS-level (operating system)

GoToAssist Enables desktop sharing and remote support via LogMeIn 2016077
Windows Terminal Server Enables application sharing access via Windows Terminal Server 605795
WTS Connect with NLA Enables application sharing access via Windows Terminal Server with NLA Support 1912318
Citrix Metaframe Enables application sharing access via Citrix Metaframe 701588
AS/400-5250 Connection Enables OS access for AS/400 based servers 79411
Secure AS/400 Connection servers Enables OS Access for secure AS/400 based  2016103
Telnet Connection Enables OS access via Telnet 37001
SSH Connection Enables SSH connection to customer systems 1275351
VNC Connection Enables VNC connection to customer systems 1327257


Further connection types

JDBC/ODBC Connection Enables remote access to a Database using JDBC, ODBC and native connections 1718601
SAP HANA database Enables a remote connection to a SAP HANA database 1592925
SAP HANA MDC Enables a remote connection to a Multi Database Container HANA database. (Multi-tenant) 2280051
Upgrade Assistant Enables the remote usage of Upgrade Assistant 125971
SAPInst-GUI Enables the remote usage of SAPInst-GUI 707848
SAP-DB Connection Enables a remote connection to an SAP-DB 202344
TREX/BIA Enables access to TREX or BI accelerator system 1058533
Integration Repository Enables a connection to the Integration Repository 800267
Integration Directory Enables a connection to Integration Directory 800267
Windows Remote Debug Enables remote debugging for Windows-based applications 1884079

Customer Remote Logon Depot

The Customer Remote Logon Depot (formerly known as Secure Area) is the area in the SAP Support Portal where customer logon data (user name, password, server name etc.) for remote access is stored. Remote access is sometimes required by SAP Support employees when investigating customer incidents.

Customer Remote Logon Depot Help 

Rebranding of the Secure Area

The name of the “Secure Area” application has been changed to "Customer Remote Logon Depot" to better reflect the unidirectional nature of the tool and establish a ONE Voice compliant term in the SAP community.

More information can be found in SAP Note 2791304.


Prerequisites for entering the Customer Remote Logon Depot

Your S-User ID must have either the Edit my Login Data or Edit all Login Data authorization.

  • Edit my Login Data - You can store login data and display or change login data stored previously under your S-user ID. You are unable to see passwords entered by other users; however, you can override SAProuter passwords, or create new Logon Data sets.
  • Edit all Login Data - You have full access to create, change and display all stored login data for all S-users.

The processor at SAP who is investigating the incident can access and update the login data. If the customer incident is in process at SAP, customer employees with either the Edit my Login Data or Edit all Login Data authorizations can access the login data.

How to Access

To access the Customer Remote Logon Depot and maintain the data use one of the following ways:

  • In the incident, click the Change Access Data button;
  • In the SAP ONE Support Launchpad System Data application select a system and click Maintain Access Data;
  • In the SAP Solution Manager, choose Incident Handling, then Customer Remote Logon Depot.

In the Customer Remote Logon Depot you can choose from the following main activities:

  • Create or modify credentials
  • Show Log - View all data changes and access to the Customer Remote Logon Depot which are tracked in the history log. 
  • Switch System - Opens a search dialog, to switch the system.
  • Maintain User Restricted View - Limit the user information seen by SAP employees for a certain incident. Customers can create a system user that is only valid for a specific customer incident.

Note: Save entries on each tab separately.

All entered logon data is shown at a glance. Only users that have maintained this data and users with the Edit all Login Data authorization can see the stored passwords. For users with the Edit my Login Data authorization, the stored passwords of other colleagues are not visible.

Important: SAP recommends that you do not store logon credentials for longer than necessary. Please choose an appropriate expiration date at all times. Expired logon data is deleted.