Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager

Manage requirements and software development in large, agile innovation projects

Innovating business processes with minimal risk to live operations is a challenge for companies seeking to maintain and increase their competitive edge. Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager supports customers with a seamless tool-based requirements-to-deploy process. For this purpose, Focused Build provides pre-configured standard SAP Solution Manager features and processes, as well as additional build functions.

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Focused Build is a ready-to-run and integrated, tool-supported methodology to manage requirements and software development in large, agile projects.

  • Focused Build is delivered as a standard solution, with no additional coding required.
  • SAP delivers all knowledge required with the focused solution, significantly reducing training costs.
  • Your license includes standard upgrades, reducing upgrade risk.
  • It’s easy to adapt the number of licenses to your needs. There’s no risk of licensing shelf-ware.
  • Focused Solutions are based on the proven SAP Solution Manager standard and fully integrated in SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

  • Automated visibility of solution readiness against due dates, with integrated risk management.
  • Management of distributed development teams
  • Agile release and software engineering with JIRA integration
  • Automated test planning, change and release management to support continuous delivery and integration, and DevOps
  • Full integration of demand, project, process, change release and test management

  • Premium engagement customers
    Obtain your Focused Build licenses through a dedicated service.

  • Non-premium engagement customers
    Order your Focused Build licenses from SAP Store.


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Product Information

Explore guides and interactive demonstrations of what Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager can offer your business.


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  • Access the Focused Build and Focused Insights 2.0 (Installations and Upgrades) info page in the SAP Software Download Center and navigate to Downloads tab > Installation and Upgrade.

  • Select the ZIP file “FOCUSED BUILD AND INSIGHTS 2.0 Add-On Inst. ST-OST 200” and right-click the linked number to download and save the file locally. Alternatively, you can add the file to your Download Basket and download the file through your locally installed SAP Download Manager (SAP Download Manager Help).

  • Install the add-on from your download folder to your SAP Solution Manager system using transaction /SAINT.

  • Find configuration and security guides for Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager on the SAP Help Portal.


  • Support from Partners
    Local partners support you in setting up your focused solution, provide knowledge transfer, and assist you in managing the project.

  • Support for Technical Inquiries
    As a Focused Solutions customer, you can create technical inquiries with component SV-SMG-OST in SAP ONE Support Portal.