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SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain
Onboarding Webinars

We invite you to join a live onboarding presentation followed by Q&A.
Why attend? We ensure the building blocks for a smooth start to your onboarding journey.
We cover the fundamentals and tips that you need to know when you first start working with SAP IBP.
We can't wait to see you!


Live Webinar Schedule

1. Customer Webinar: Welcome & Introduction6th July 2023 (GMT+1)EnglishRegister Now
2. Customer Webinar: Project Readiness13th July 2023 (GMT+1)EnglishRegister Now
3. Customer Webinar: Project Guidance19th July 2023 (GMT+1)EnglishRegister Now
4. Customer Webinar: Project Progress21th July 2023 (GMT+1)EnglishRegister Now
5. Customer Webinar: Go-Live Preparation26th July 2023 (GMT+1)EnglishRegister Now

On-Demand Webinars

1. Customer Webinar: Welcome & IntroductionEnglishRecording
2. Customer Webinar: Project Readiness
3. Customer Webinar: Project Guidance EnglishRecording
4. Customer Webinar: Project ProgressEnglishRecording
5. Customer Webinar: Go-Live PreparationEnglishRecording
SAP IBP Technical Onboarding: Best Practices for Modeling and Performance RecommendationsEnglishRecording

Additional Resources

Getting Started

Get started with your SAP IBP solution and ensure that you have the right resources for a smooth onboarding

SAP IBP Help Portal

Go to SAP IBP Help Portal to find documentation related to the product.

SAP IBP Community

Go to the SAP community for expert information. Ask questions, read blog posts, and find additional information