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Keys to Success

Recommendation: up to 7 days after contract start.

  • Understand the digital Onboarding Journey.
  • Leverage S-User to access SAP for Me.
  • Access your provisioned system.

This guide explains the digital Onboarding Journey and what to expect after contract start. 


This guide explains what is SAP for Me, how to get access, and highlight features relevant to your projects.

This guide explains how to have access to the first tenant and how to provision further tenants.

Project Readiness

Keys to Success

Recommendation: during project planning phase.

  • Use EmLA to set a clear roadmap to launch your CDC solution.
  • Embrace cloud mindset.
  • Leverage these assets to help you start your project planning efforts.

EmLA helps prepare your team for the successful initial deployment of SAP Customer Data Cloud.

This guide explains what activities you need to consider when planning your cloud project.

This checklist highlights key activities to consider before kicking off your project.

Guidance and Enablement

Keys to Success

Recommendation: right after kick-off.

  • Learn how to get support.
  • Learn how to get training.
  • Become part of the SAP community.

This guide equips you to efficiently navigate the support options and get the helps you need.

This guide equips you to choose the right learning platforms for your needs.

This guide shows you how to leverage the knowledge of the SAP global community.

Project Progress

Keys to Success

Recommendation: during implementation phase.

  • Plan integration strategy and execute.
  • Plan data strategy and execute.
  • Get ready for deployment phase.

Best practice on the integration methodology and solution specific enablement. 

Best practice on the data management and solution specific enablement.

This checklist highlights key activities to consider during the implementation.

Go-Live Preparation

Keys to Success

Recommendation: 6 weeks before go-live.

  • Include the CQC service in your plan.
  • Get ready to go-live.
  • Plan post go-live activities.

This guide shows you the relevant Continuous Quality Check and Improvement Services.

This checklist highlights key activities to consider for a smooth go-live.

This guide helps you to prepare and transition to post go-live phase to transform your business.