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Service Provider and Business Innovation Enabler

IT departments are often confronted with complaints about lacking service and high cost. But when can a company be really satisfied with its own IT department? Advanced Customer COEs proactively address this question with transparency, efficiency and business acumen. They clearly define an IT service portfolio and communicate their cost model.

Advanced Customer COEs are good service providers.

Apart from their service offering, IT departments often have to defend and underline their business value. With IT operations being increasingly automated and IT projects running reliably and smoothly, IT departments are more and more often questioned by business and have to point out their unique selling proposition. Advanced Customer COEs actively tackle this issue and prove their value by providing businesses with innovative ideas and competitive advantages.

Advanced Customer COEs are business innovation enablers.

Customer COE(s) as Service Provider

Advanced Customer COE(s) follow up with measurable goals, constantly exchanging with their own business and thereby achieving a tangible advantage over external service providers. They continuously improve their services and the orchestration of external elements where needed.

Service Provider at a glance:

  • Cost transparency and control
  • Sophisticated responsibilities
  • End-to-end IT process definitions
  • IT process efficiency and quality control
  • Cross-process integration
  • Business connection and integration
  • Value-of-IT reporting

Customer COE(s) as Business Innovation Enabler

Advanced Customer COE(s) do not limit themselves to the mere service provision. They prove their added value by giving business a steady competitive advantage through leading technologies. They benefit from their comprehensive business process knowledge, their understanding of strategic business objectives, and their knowledge about the technically feasible. For an ideal assessment of the business potential, they speak in business cases and encourage a joint decision-making process between IT and business - consciously and with transparency.

Business Enabler at a glance:

  • Bring together business visions and technical expertise (partners on eye level)
  • Identify new business scenarios
  • Scope realizability of business visions
  • Fast prototyping and constant evolution
  • Keep up-to-date with technological developments
  • Business case driven roadmap