Digital Access Evaluation Service

In April 2018, SAP introduced a new pricing model where direct human access to the Digital Core systems (ERP & S/4HANA) will continue to be licensed on the number of users, while all indirect access will be charged based on the number of documents associated to nine specific Document types (see also

With the free-of-charge Digital Access Evaluation Service, SAP offers their customers support to determine the estimated initial number of digital access documents. Based on a detailed evaluation of the relevant document types, customers will have a basis for the decision whether SAP Digital Access is the suitable license model for the future. The result can be used as a baseline for the Digital Access Adoption Program.


Business Needs

  • Get information on key aspects of Digital Access license model
  • Clarify measurement approaches
  • Understand functionality and restrictions of evaluation report
  • Verify the number of estimated digital access documents

Delivery Approach & Scope

  • Close and transparent cooperation between SAP and customer
  • SAP as trusted adviser will guide through the complete process of document estimation
  • Interactive and iterative 4-Step-Approach adjusted to the needs and previous knowledge of the customer

Value & Benefits

  • Covers the complete process from the information on measurement approaches to support of the evaluation note usage and sharing of best practices for the report execution
  • Includes a joint review and evaluation of the results
  • Provides a documentation of results and applied principles in a evaluation report

Process Flow

  • Customer issues a service request via request form

  • SAP schedules a preparation call to align on the service delivery process:
    • timeline
    • delivery approach
    • service deliverables
  • Customer implements the evaluation note

  • Customer runs the evaluation note and shares initial results with SAP
  • SAP schedules a meeting to jointly verify the results based on the technical scenarios

  • SAP provides an evaluation report including all steps, parameters and approaches that were used to get to the results

Request Form

To request the Digital Access Evaluation Service, please fill out the Request Form and click "Submit".


For Partners /Account Executives:

If you wish to request the Digital Access Evaluation Service on behalf of the customer, please download and fill out the Request Form and send it to