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License Rights Management Service

License Rights Management Service (LRM) formalizes GLAC activities supporting customers to manage their SAP Software and SAP Cloud Service Use Rights in a compliant way. Its focus is mainly on the rights of business entities to benefit from the use of SAP products and not on measuring licenses in use.

Collaboratively the service helps customers to manage the impact of business events such as M&A, divestment or restructuring on software and cloud agreements. 


Business needs

  • Change in customers' organizational structure or size that impact the quantity and type of software licenses or cloud services required to run the business processes.
  • The focus of LRM is to determine the effect of those changes on the rights of business entities to benefit from the use of SAP licenses and/or SAP cloud services.
  • LRM service addresses those specific compliance considerations or triggers the need for a license measurement.

Delivery approach and scope

  • LRM Service can be triggered by either customers, partners or SAP (planned or ad hoc) in case one of the business events occur.
  • The service relies on a comprehensive understanding of the customers' existing contractual rights and on their current and future business requirements.
  • The Global License Audit & Compliance team (GLAC) carries out a detailed contractual analysis covering the existing rights and ownership structure.
  • Depending on the contractual significance of the planned business changes, GLAC explains the implications of the needed contractual changes to support the future business requirement and advises on any potential license costs.

Value and benefits

  • Transparency and certainty for current or planned business transaction (change of ownership, structure, licensee, affiliates, structure, size or focus)
  • Customers understand their current License Grant and Use rights relative to which business entities can use Software licenses and for who's business benefit e.g.
    • Prior to specific M&A, Divestment event
    • To facilitate ongoing strategic restructuring
    • To enable them to optimize the licensee and location
  • SAP provides recommendations, guidelines and if appropriate commercial proposals to facilitate the customers plans and avoid any compliance exposure.

Process Flow

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Service Request

If you wish to request the License Rights Management Service, either contact your License Compliance Manager or send an e-mail.  

LRM Overview

You can download the License Rights Management Service info sheet to get all information on a single page.


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