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Customer Measurement Service

The GLAC Customer Measurement Service (CMS) is a jointly executed engagement utilizing a collaborative methodology to address specific customer measurement and/or enablement needs. 

Initiated by the customer and not by SAP's contractual audit rights, the service is triggered by the need to support a specific customer measurement requirement or a commercial or contractual event like Cloud or SAP S/4HANA contract conversions, early contract extensions or digital transformation.  


Business needs

  • Help customers measure their current software license usage & clarify licensing and measurement topics prior to specific commercial or contractual events

  • Provide individualized enablement for license utilization management either independent from audit activities or in case of complex environments prior to an audit execution  

  • Support customers by offering customized measurement education, specific SAP product measurement best practices and knowledge transfer

Delivery approach and scope

  • CMS is initiated by the customer and not by SAP's contractual audit rights 

  • Service scope detailing depends on specific customer needs (collaborative measurement and/or individualized measurement enablement)

  • Delivered by GLAC specialists working on-site or remote with the customer

Value and benefits

  • Address different measurement questions and challenges 

  • Explain measurement procedures and approaches 

  • Knowledge transfer based on specific product measurement and licensing requirements

  • Establish jointly a clear view on customer's license usage in comparison to their license entitlement

Process Flow

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CMS Overview

You can download the Customer Measurement Service info sheet to get all information on a single page.


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