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Facing a challenge with your SAP product?

When using the Get Support (Case, Expert Chat...) application, one of the following channels will automatically be recommended to offer the best channel based on your issue. You will still have the ability to choose your favorite channel:

Quick Tips:

Create a Case

The Get Support (Case, Expert Chat...) application guides you to solve a technical product issue in real time, or reach SAP experts with relevant information through an AI-enabled framework.

A well-documented case better facilitates processing and saves time.

Learn more about the new Get Support application.

For all cases, please:

Start an Expert Chat

Expert Chat support channel is best suited for new* Medium or High priority issues.

Expert Chat provides:

  • Real-time support from an SAP Product Support Expert
  • Ability to screen share
  • Quicker resolution as compared to a case created in SAP for Me

See SAP Knowledge Base Article 2213344 for detailed steps on how to get started.

* Looking for an update about an existing case? Contact the Customer Interaction Center.

Important Topics

Yes, the chat transcript and all attachments will be recorded in your case log for your convenience.

No, if the support engineer is unable to resolve your issue at the time, they will continue the case submission process for you. The chat transcript and all the attachments will always be captured and recorded in your case log, whether the issue is resolved immediately or not.

For questions about an existing case's status or priority, our Customer Interaction Center is ready to assist you. Frequently asked questions can be found in SAP Knowledge Base Article 2570790.

We do not limit the number of times you may contact support using chat. However, we recommend you start only one chat session per problem or question that you have.

A functionality allowing VAR-delivered support partners to use Expert Chat for their end customers' systems is currently not available.

More information is available in the Case Management for VAR Partners document.

If you are unable to use our chat tool, you might need to update your browser/network configuration, details can be found in SAP Knowledge Base Article 2392095.

When starting an Expert Chat session with SAP Product Support, the machine translation option will be offered automatically. 

Read more about machine translation in Expert Chat.

Schedule an Expert

Schedule an Expert* is best for Low or Medium priority issues:

  • Live, one-on-one 30-minute call
  • Quicker resolution compared to an average Low/Medium case

Scheduled appointments require a minimum of 48 hours notice to allow engineers to prepare for the session. 

See our FAQ for more details.

See SAP Knowledge Base Article 2482688 for how to get started.

Schedule an Expert* for open cases:

  • Available for low, medium or high priority cases within Product Support only
  • Live, one-on-one 30 minute call with the SAP case processor

Scheduled appointments require a minimum of 24 hours notice to allow engineers to prepare for the session.

See our FAQ to learn more on how to get started.

* Schedule an Expert is available for all support levels and almost all solutions.

Important Topics

A well-documented case better facilitates its processing and reduces back and forth interactions. To help in the preparation of the session, make sure to provide:

  • detailed description of your problem.
  • the functional area you'd like to cover.
  • results of your search in our knowledge base.
  • relevant screen shots and logs.

When applicable, make sure your remote connection is opened and system information is up-to-date

Schedule an Expert is only available for products listed in the document: View product areas that currently offer Schedule an Expert.

If you choose one of these product areas to schedule a session and then reference a different product area that is not in the list, the session will be converted to a regular written case.

As VAR-D support partners are mandated to provide 1st and 2nd line support, the use of Schedule an Expert channel has been made available, since May 2021, for existing cases only.

More information is available in the Case Management for VAR Partners document.

To provide your feedback on your Schedule an Expert session:

  • Close/confirm your Schedule an Expert case
  • Fill out the quick survey to let us know how we did

It is important to confirm that you are creating your Schedule an Expert session in the correct time zone. 

When booking a session, the default time zone displayed will come from your SAP for Me setttings.

If you need to modify your time zone while you are creating your Schedule an Expert session, you can click the Edit link next to Current Time zone in User Profile on the "4. Our Availability" page.

You can also change your default time zone by accessing your user profile in SAP for Me settings.

It is important to confirm that you are creating the session in the correct time zone.

Schedule a Manager

Schedule a Manager allows you to book a 15-minute call with an SAP Product Support manager on your medium or high priority support case with a 2 hour lead time under the following conditions:

High priority case:

  • Your case has been opened at least 2 days ago
  • Schedule a Manager for high priority cases is available for all SAP products

Medium priority case:

  • Your case has been opened at least 9 days ago
  • Schedule a Manager for medium priority cases is available for all SAP products excluding SuccessFactors and HCM products

You can view the availability and book the session via SAP for Me while accessing your case details.

Note that Schedule a Manager is not offered for cases processed within SAP Development support.

For more information, visit SAP Community.

Incident Solution Matching

Incident Solution Matching is a service based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies that helps you get relevant answers to technical questions faster.

Learn more on AI-driven support and how it will change your support experience.

Incident Solution Matching

  • uses a collection of interaction data to automatically train and improve the models
  • helps to accelerate time to resolution
  • runs on SAP's infrastructure
  • accelerates the process of finding relevant solutions by learning from past problems

To find solutions to your issue:

  • access your SAP for Me to create a case
  • provide a concise, detailed and clear description of the issue. 
  • review recommended solutions (SAP Notes and SAP Knowledge Base Articles) ranked in order of relevance
  • Select a component from Component field and “Incident Solution Matching” will refine the results even more

The more you use the service, the more relevant the recommendations become.

Important Topics

Incident Solution Matching is a new service from SAP based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology which helps SAP customers get answers to technical questions faster.

The service proposes solutions ranked in order of relevance within the case creation form, so you can find relevant SAP Notes and SAP Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) quickly without searching manually. Incident Solution Matching uses AI and machine learning for improved results by learning from past cases. The more you use the service, the more relevant the recommendations become.

Incident Solution Matching is embedded in the case creation form accessible via SAP for Me.

Including the following information in your problem description will significantly improve your search results.

  1. Describe your issue in Subject and Description as concisely as possible, “Incident Solution Matching” automatically recommends solutions from SAP Notes and SAP Knowledge Base Articles in the left panel and the results are ranked in order of relevance.
  2. Select a component to further refine the results.

Incident Solution Matching is the result of a highly sophisticated technology. On the first view, you will still use the same search environment or case creation form. However, performance and quality of answers are improved considerably by this new technology and you should get answers much faster with a much higher relevance to your questions.

Incident Solution Matching is available for all SAP products.

Because the Incident Solution Matching automatically identifies and ranks solutions according to their semantic relevance based on case data. The more detailed and concise information you provide, the more matching results you will get.

The Incident Solution Matching uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for improved results by learning from past cases, so the more you use it, the more relevant it becomes.

Currently Incident Solution Matching only supports English.

We are currently exploring Incident Solution Matching for internal incidents in the future.

Incident Solution Matching will be further improved and will get considerably better and faster with the extensive use of all SAP customers. More use cases based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are planned for the future and will help further improve performance and customer experience.  

Built-In Support

Built-In Support moves SAP support right into the application. Built-In Support provides you with proactive and personalized recommendations, gives you easy and guided access to SAP knowledge and support experts, and minimizes your effort to get support tailored to your SAP solution.

SAP's Built-In Support provides:

  • effortless access to support content, search and support channels right at your fingertips
  • proactive support recommendations for each page - powered by AI and curated by SAP support for your application
  • automatic solution proposals for your product issues saving you time and effort
  • direct access to Real-Time Support channels like Expert Chat
  • case management to create, manage and update your support cases - fully in-sync with your cases in SAP for Me

Built-In Support is currently being rolled out across SAP products. See the FAQs below if your solution is already supported by Built-In Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Built-In Support is your access point to SAP support within the product, providing you with critical and proactive support content, simplifying your interactions with SAP support and making it easy to find solutions for product related issues.

Based on your product and authorizations (e.g. S-User), Built-In Support provides you with tailored access to support content, support channels, tools and recommendations that help you resolve product related issues with minimum effort. 

Built-In Support moves support right into your application, providing a seamlessly integrated platform that gives you a consistent support experience. It offers direct access to support content, tools, and channels of SAP's Product Support right at your fingertips - with no implementation efforts required.

  • Easy to access via the menu bar
  • Proactive live recommendations and access to support without leaving the application
  • A personalized and guided support experience that accelerates time to resolution
  • Comprehensive case management including creation, review, correspondence with SAP's Product Support, fully in-sync with your cases in SAP for Me
  • Collaborate with SAP experts in real-time, sharing knowledge and information to address your questions via Expert Chat

If your SAP product is already supported by Built-In Support, simply access it through the headset icon ('Built-In Support') in the menu bar of your product.

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain
  • SAP Cloud ALM
  • SAP Service Cloud Version 2
  • SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • SAP HANA Cockpit 2.0
  • SAP HANA Cloud, Data Lake
  • SAP HANA Database Explorer
  • SAP HANA Cloud Central
  • SAP Omnichannel Promotion Pricing
  • SAP Landscape Management Cloud
  • SAP Order and Delivery Scheduling
  • SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life sciences
  • SAP Broker Reconciliation for Commodity Derivatives
  • SAP Predictive Replenishment
  • SAP Data Quality Management, microservice for location data

Use this link to check availability of Built-In Support for your product.

Please use the following link for an overview of all SAP’s Real-Time Support offerings.

No additional cost is involved, as Built-In Support can be accessed free of charge for products that are currently supported.

Predictive and Preventative Support

SAP's predictive and preventative support features and functionalities help resolve problems before they even occur.

Explore the specific customer tailored real-time interventions to predict and prevent business impacting events and cases such as cloud health.

Benefit from intuitive, context-sensitive support delivered through the digital support experience with tools like Incident Solution Matching, trending SAP Knowledge Base Articles (KBA) or support assistant.

SAP's predictive and preventative support provides:

  • Trending content which indicates in real-time which KBAs/SAP Notes are popular with our customers.
  • Hot KBAs/SAP Notes which are categorized by support experts and are marked as hot when they are related to urgent or critical problems.
  • SAP Ariba cloud health which identifies and resolves issues that impact the end user experience before they are reported by our customers.
  • Option to subscribe to regular updates about outage events and its resolution until the outage has been resolved.

Note: more predictive and preventative support features and services will be added over time.

 Learn more about predictive and preventative features and functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Predictive support provides customers with tailored information on how to address issues which maybe unknown or manifest themselves, attempting to eliminate the cause or mitigate contributory factors. 

Preventative support features and functionalities, such as cloud health, help SAP’s support reach out to the customer with tailored and focused information to prevent issues, their impact and any associated effort.

Trending content is accessible through SAP for Me and Product Pages through “Products” in the header navigation of the SAP Support Portal.

Cloud health is a key element in how SAP will transform major case management across the cloud landscape. For SAP Ariba customers, cloud health is fully integrated into the existing support model providing benefit 24x7.

  • Tailored trending data exposed at the customers point of need (currently Product Pages & SAP for Me).
  • By analyzing performance and error data for every user action, cloud health redefines traditional monitoring and enables preventative action derived directly from the unspoken voice of customers. 
  • On-demand subscriptions provide you with the latest updates on relevant critical cloud outages in SAP for Me.
  • Trending content is currently available in tSAP for Me (Case Wizard) and Product Pages (currently for SAP HANA  but expanding across all products over time).
  • For SAP Ariba customers, cloud health is fully integrated into the existing support model providing benefit 24x7.
  • On-demand subscriptions for relevant critical cloud outages in SAP for Me.

No additional cost is involved, as predictive and preventative support can be accessed by SAP customers via S-user or universal ID free of charge for the solutions currently supported.