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Creating Availability Scripts for Interface and Connection Monitoring

To ensure that underlying communication channels like RFC destinations or Web Service end-points are available it can be necessary to periodically execute an RFC function module or send a SOAP message from a robot. 

To perform this task scripts recorded in the SAP Solution Manager Application User Experience Monitoring (UXMon) can be used.


To be able to use UXMon scripts the activity Create Logical Ports in setup step 2.4 (Configure Automatically) for UXMon must be executed.


On this page we describe general settings for the scripts to make them usable for Interface and Connection Monitoring.


Create the Script

You can create the script either from a template or using the standard UXMon tools.

  1. Using script templates: When using existing templates you can create very simple scripts. Only the logon credentials and some parameters needs to be entered
  2. Create the script manually: Create the script with the standard EEM tools allows you the create more complex scripts including all EEM features (using certificates, create text checks,..)

Select Script for Interface and Connection Monitoring

No matter how you record/create the script, to be able to select a script during the Interface and Connection Monitoring setup it has to be configured to be usable for "interface and Connection Monitoring".

To make this setting open the script configuration un the UXMon Editor and go to section Common → Script Execution. Activate the check box Interface Channel Monitoring. Save the script.

Upload Script

To make the script available in the ICMon setup, you have to upload the script to the EEM repository of your SAP Solution Manager system. To do this right-click on the script name and select 'Upload to EEM Repository' from the context menu.

After uploading the script it can be selected in the corresponding metric in the ICMon setup.

Configuration Differences

The uploaded script is visible in the UXMon setup and can be configured there. But ICMon setup takes care of distributing and scheduling the script. Executions will by default not show up in the UXMon monitoring UI.

UXMon scripts for ICMon are scheduled and controlled via the Monitoring and Alerting infrastructure and not directly by the UXMon agelet. As a consequence several configuration properties are not effective for ICMon scripts:

  • Schedule settings
  • Work mode settings
  • Thresholds settings