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Web Service Availability Script Template

For some Web Services it can be sufficient to check the availability by pinging a specific URL and check the return code or response HTML. 

Checking the availability of an URL can be done with the attached script template:

It triggers a ping for a given URL, the response is evaluated and the status can be set accordingly.


  1. Create a new project and import the ZIP file via the context menu of the project > 'Import...'
  2. It is recommended to rename the imported script via the context menu of the script > 'Rename ...'
  3. Double-click the script to open it.
The script has only one step with one message. Select the message to change the URL to be called:


The other thing to be adjusted is the check for the message to determine if the message was successful or not. By default the script template uses a 'Plain Text Check'. You can adjust the text if needed or you can remove this check and use a 'Return Code Check' instead to check for HTML return code of the message.


You can test if the script executes successfully and if it does upload it to the UXMon repository.