Change Diagnostics

Change Diagnostics capabilities within SAP Solution Manager comprise the application E2E Change Analysis and Change Reporting and Configuration Validation and the Configuration and Change Database as central configuration item repository.

Change Diagnostics Capabilities

Change Diagnostics Capabilities are available after a SAP Solution Manager Managed System Configuration has been performed for a managed system. It detects and records common technical changes in a managed system. A change tracking is performed independent of a change management process (like introduced by Change Request Managenent or Quality Gate Management). It's one of the core functionality of SAP Solution Manager.

Change Tracking

Changes are tracked and stored using the configuration and change database (CCDB). The configuration and change database (CCDB) saves the configuration data of managed systems in configuration repositories, and allows tracing changes. The configuration data is collected daily by the extractor framework, and uploaded from the managed systems to CCDB.

Figure: CCDB Admin Application

Change Diagnostics Applications

Figure: Launchpad showing Change Diagnostics Apps